How to Grab Attention in Your Contacts’ Inbox

You’re more likely to get high engagement from an eye-catching email that uses more images and fewer words.

ActivePipe Head of Design, Adam Boal, talks about the the importance of good design in real estate, becuase of how it can improve a customer’s feelings towards your communications and brand.

“Humans are highly visual creatures, and an image can call to mind all manner of emotions and responses.”

Basically, he’s saying a well designed email makes a good impression so that you can build a positive relationship with your contacts.

That’s why we’ve improved two new features to make it easier and quicker to customise your emails.

Turn every email into clickbait with Property Image Customisation and SmartFeeds Favourites!


Property Image Customisation

The Property panel can now be customised with different images.

Simply add a Property panel to an email and choose a property to display. Then, you can change the display image when you:

  1. Select a Property panel by clicking on it.
  2. Click the property icon: blue property icon. This will open the Image Library.
  3. Click on your preferred image to select it.


Add Extra Property Images

You are able to post multiple property images for a single listing when you use the feature Property panel.

To add more images, select the feature Property panel, then:

  1. Click on the options icon: green options menu icon. This will open the Options Window.
  2. In the Layout tab, click on the Additional Images drop list. Select the number of images you want to display.
  3. Click the Save button.

The Property panel will automatically load pictures for you. You can change these images if required.


Save Your Favourites

ActivePipe SmartFeeds makes it easy to share web content. SmartFeeds automatically loads an article title, description, image and a call-to-action button; designed to improve contact engagement with your emails.

Now, SmartFeeds Favourites allows you to save your most used websites and blogs so that it’s quicker to access articles the next time you’re building an email.

To add a favourite feed to your account:

  1. In the Feed Engine, type the URL (e.g., and hit enter.
  2. Select the ‘Add to favourites’ link. This will allow you to rename that feed.
  3. Hit enter to save.

This feed will now be saved to your account.

Favourite websites can be accessed anytime by opening the Feed Engine.


Try it for Yourself

Property Image Customisation and SmartFeeds Favourites are here to make your life easier. Login to ActivePipe now and create the beautiful emails that your contacts love to receive.

John McClumpha
John is a self confessed geek and design guru. His expertise lies in UX and product design for the development of online solutions. With over twenty years experience in the industry, John believes that simplicity is the key to connecting people to technology and technology to the world. Outside of ActivePipe, John keeps busy with award-winning photography and riding his Harleys.