Transform Your Leadership

Real Estate brokers, managers, and leaders have been bogged down by operations.

Recruiting and retaining great talent is all about redefining one’s value proposition beyond deal doctoring, technology, leads, or even culture. It’s about leadership and improving one’s coaching skillset.

In this conversation, Howard Chung, Vice President of John L. Scott Real Estate Affiliates and CEO of GreenOceanTV.com and ActivePipe’s Aaron Lincoff discuss strategies and tactics that real estate brokers and managers can implement to thrive in a new era of real estate leadership.

Transform from a successful agent to a successful leader:

  • Recruit to your leadership skills and coaching
  • Define your leadership strategy by asking, “What am I the best at?”
  • Establish your value as transforming the individual by not just giving answers, but help them work through the question
  • Be an active leader – semi-annual reviews, frequent individual check-ins for feedback and recognition
  • Use a project management system to clearly see your progress and keep an eye on objectives and key results
  • Pick one or two topics to be a leader on and the leadership thinking will develop
  • Define when you’re training, and you’re coaching. They are separate. There is a need for both.
  • Self-assessment – Measure how many coaching conversations you have in a week, even short ones. What worked? Outcome? Improvement?

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