How to use content to connect

Providing your clients with relevant content is now more important than ever!

In this webinar we discussed how agents can be communicating with their clients to build relationships that will set them up for success both during and post COVID-19.

Hosting the webinar is Ash Farrugia, CEO of ActivePipe who highlighted why content is going to be so important in the next 90 days. Our guest speaker and content expert, Fiona Okeson from Partica, gave some practical tips on how to approach communications with your community. Whilst Henry Osborne, ActivePipe’s Head of Customer Success presented how to implement those strategies using ActivePipe.

The questions asked by our audience during the webinar have been answered below!

A Message from Fiona

We are happy to offer all ActivePipe users a 20% discount, should you wish to purchase any articles for use on your own website. To activate your Partica.com discount, login or create your free Partica account and add an article of your choice to your shopping cart. Don’t check out straight away, but email fiona.okeson@partica.com so your 20% discount can be applied before finalising your purchase. Your 20% discount will be in place until June 30, 2020 – that’s almost 3 months of discounted articles ready to use.


  • Is the Real Estate Voice content relevant to NZ audiences or just Australia?
    • Yes it is. There will be new and current NZ content added in coming days, and there are also articles relating to buying, selling etc that will be useful across both the NZ and Australian markets in the Buying, Selling, Management and Renting sections.

  • Can we edit the content from the Real Estate Voice?
    • The quick answer is no as the content on The Real Estate Voice is free. 
    • We ask that any shares via email and social media link to the original article on The Real Estate Voice.
    • For content that can be edited and posted on your own website blogs, simply visit www.partica.com and purchase/download the original article. The average price for an article is $50 and in some cases the article is already free so have a look and see what you can find to suit your needs.

  • Is the content specific to local states?
    • At this stage, the content on The Real Estate Voice mostly relates to the national agenda, however we are developing content to suit each AU state. Happy for you to get in touch with Fiona (fiona.okeson@partica.com) to discuss what you require to suit your needs.

  • What are the qualifications of the people who do write this content?
    • All real estate content is professionally produced by either current or past property journalists. We also source content from other media sources to make sure content is of high quality. 

  • Can we upload the articles to the blog section of our own sites and link to them there?
    • As the content from TREV is free, we’re asking to link to the original article on TREV. For content on your blog, where you can download, edit etc, you can purchase it through Partica.com and edit it to be your unique article.

  • How do you set up a new template if you don’t want to use any of the ones already there?

  • I create email content for a team of 4 salespeople – can I duplicate the ‘email’ from one active pipe account to another? or do I have to create it in each account?
    • If you have Admin access you can simply create the email once and send it on behalf of all 4 agents. If you don’t have Admin access it needs to be done separately in each account. Please reach out to success@activepipe.com if you would like to enquire about Admin access.

  • What if I want to write my own article. Do I just create by dragging a panel and then write my own?
    • Yes that’s correct, I would suggest using the Text & Image panels:

  • Will this be sent to “Unsubscribed” contacts in our CRM?
    • No emails will be sent to contacts that are unsubscribed in your CRM. The subscription status from your CRM will be mirrored in ActivePipe.

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Harry Marsden
Harry leads the marketing team in Australia and New Zealand. Harry has worked in digital marketing for B2B tech companies for 7 years and has a strong focus on building scalable growth. He believes a deep understanding of the customer should be at the core of any marketing strategy. When not in the office you can find Harry rolling around on the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mats.