How To Build Effective Campaigns

Building great emails is essential to driving engagement, however a great email is nothing without the campaign attached to it.

Whilst we pride ourselves on setting you up with industry leading campaigns from the get-go, we want to empower you as much as possible to create your own campaigns based on your business’s needs.

In this webinar we will be taking a deep dive in to the campaign builder, looking at the different triggers and conditions, whilst providing examples of how these can be implemented for success.

You’ll leave this webinar with a clear understanding of how you can build and send your own campaigns, that generate value for your office.


I have different suburbs and if I wanted to just tailor to a particular suburb I would create the email and then go into campaign and just select the attribute pertaining to that suburb? Correct?

Yes, you would create the email using the relevant property panel with the settings that match the suburb you are promoting. In the campaign builder you would select the ‘If Attribute’ Condition and select the relevant ‘City'(which is suburb), postcode, street address etc.

Are there notes that you can print with step by step path on this topic?

There aren’t notes, however we have a number of articles that have been written to assist you, in our Knowledge Base.

Create a Campaign:



How do I send an email if I have an email address, but it is not in the CRM?

As your account is CRM integrated, you will need to add that particular contact into your CRM, whereby it will sync with ActivePipe thus allowing you to send an email to them.

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Clarke Stewart
Responsible for the implementation and support of ActivePipe’s promotional efforts, Clarke is constantly exposed to all facets of the business, giving him a unique understanding of what goes into creating and utilising industry leading marketing technology. When he’s not busy getting ActivePipe’s name out into the world, you’ll find him either shooting hoops or surfing somewhere along Victoria’s expansive coastline.