Getting Started with ActivePipe

Just starting out on ActivePipe? Haven’t had a chance to get stuck in yet?
This 30 minute session is all you need to start generating immediate value.

Learn the basics on how to use ActivePipe, starting with helping you understand your audience (size, segments, contact data). You’ll then be taken on a tour of the dashboard so you can easily find your hottest leads and the properties they’re interacting with.

The questions asked by our audience during the live webinar have been answered below!


When a person opts out is this just marked as ‘don’t send email’ in ActivePipe?

Data populated from my CRM has a salutation section, how does this filter into the auto generated emails?

Over what period of time does someone click on properties to be highly interactive?

  • Two weeks. So if a contact has not interacted with a property for two weeks, they will drop out of the highly interactive list.

Where is the training session again please?

“Recipient” of email is obvious but what exactly is the difference from “View” Vs “Clicks” under ‘email section’?

  • ‘Views’ or ‘Opens’ simply mean that the contact has opened the email. ‘Clicks’ means that the contact has clicked on something in the email such as a property or content article. For more information visit our Knowledge Base.

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Clarke Stewart
Responsible for the implementation and support of ActivePipe’s promotional efforts, Clarke is constantly exposed to all facets of the business, giving him a unique understanding of what goes into creating and utilising industry leading marketing technology. When he’s not busy getting ActivePipe’s name out into the world, you’ll find him either shooting hoops or surfing somewhere along Victoria’s expansive coastline.