3 Ways To Use Content To Capture More Clients

3 Ways To Use Content To Capture More Clients

How can you use content to generate more leads and create memorable experiences for your clients?

In this masterclass, we’ll look at how to map out customer journeys, the best ways to use the different digital marketing channels and how to use content to help you win more listings. This is a must-attend webinar if you want to improve your email marketing success.

Kylie Davis is an email marketing and data expert and author of the Scalable Agent report for ActivePipe.

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Priscilla Augustin
Immersed in the realm of digital marketing, Priscilla is familiar with the many facets of marketing. From content creation to working on large scale projects, she has several years of expertise and knowledge. When she’s not busy working on Active Pipe’s promotional efforts, you can catch her on her yoga mat getting her zen on!