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Increasing Engagement

As an innovative brokerage, Venture SIR was looking for a marketing system that would keep their sphere of prospects engaged so that their agents could spend more time with buyers and sellers.

Vice President of Marketing, Kelsy Martin found that their agents’ marketing activities were often sporadic, depending on how busy they were with active clients. Prospects were being overlooked and listings were often missed. She knew they needed a better system to market to those prospects so nothing fell through the cracks.

That’s where ActivePipe came in. Venture SIR decided they needed a platform that could seamlessly build and send engaging emails at scale. That way, their agents could focus on what they do best, serving their clients.

Venture SIR’s results were achieved by their incredible marketing team’s ability to utilise ActivePipe’s library of content to build Venture SIR-branded content that could be shared back and forth from Hawaii to California. Their collaboration led to substantially higher quality marketing emails and more engagement.

“I hear consistently from my agents that the emails our marketing team sends out from ActivePipe are one of the best things they do to win listings. To me, it’s all about making sure that our agents stay top of mind.”

Kelsy Martin

Vice President of Marketing at Venture SIR

The Strategy

Ease of use

Agents at Venture SIR have different levels of comfort learning new technology. Being able to adapt to where their agents are at was essential in finding the right email marketing platform.

ActivePipe's user interface is friendly and undaunting for all of its agents. For those agents that were less comfortable with technology, they could easily build content-rich communications for their clients. While the "super users" could incorporate many of ActivePipe's more advanced features in their communications. All were delighted.

For Venture SIR, ActivePipe empowered their agents no matter their technical background.


Consistency in marketing is a common issue for real estate agents. Venture SIR knew that the challenge would be keeping their agents’ marketing communications regular and reliable for prospects.

So Venture SIR needed a marketing platform that their agents could easily keep up with all year round. Their solution was to have their marketing content be pre-built by their marketing team. Then, each agent with an individual account within ActivePipe connected the pre-built content with their prospect database which allowed the content to be sent with a click of a button. As a result, agents began to consistently send emails to their prospects.

“For us, spending time on marketing pieces isn’t the best use of our agents' time. That’s something that our marketing team can do”, Kelsy said.

Staying Competitive

The marketing team at Venture Sir has found that the best way to stay competitive is with ActivePipe’s integrated market data, content library of blog articles, and new, tailored drip campaigns.

Kelsy explained, “These are things that really help my team internally to quickly and efficiently make amazing pieces that our agents and our clients really respond well to. But it’s not a drain on the marketing team’s resources or their time.”

Turning out the right quality of work that gives agents value to their prospects is crucial for Venture SIR’s marketing team. By doing so, agents stay top of mind with prospects who engage and reach out more often to their agent.

With ActivePipe’s automated marketing emails, Venture SIR can customize their branding and not focus as much of their time building content.

“The integrated content allows us to give next-level service to our agents. They trust the quality of the content and know it is of value to their prospects.”


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