Tony Skrekovski

“ActivePipe has helped us win numerous listings in a very competitive market.”

Tony, you’ve been a Principal at Barry Plant since 2005 and you have a large successful team of sales professionals and property managers. You’re using ActivePipe in both divisions. Why?

I first saw ActivePipe in around Apr/May 2016 and I was super impressed with the technology from that first introduction. We are always being sold the next best thing in Real Estate technology but ActivePipe delivers. I recognised the potential for it to really utilise our database and it is now a crucial part of our business.

What aspects of ActivePipe are most useful?

There are a number of things that I like. As a Principal I have confidence that our database is being communicated with in a professional reliable manner. Our clients become familiar with our office and our staff because of the regular communication and it helps create a great relationship with them. It’s nice to know what’s going on at an ‘office’ level and, if necessary, ensure there is appropriate follow up from my team.

ActivePipe alerts the agents to the people who are ready to transact and makes us all much more efficient AND effective.

I also like the way the client insights help us create a really positive conversation when we are doing our call-backs and follow-up.

What specific use do you have for ActivePipe?

We use it in listing presentations and it has helped us win numerous listings in a very competitive market. We leverage our large database of buyers using ActivePipe and potential vendors are impressed with the way we can immediately identify interest in their home.

Anything else you’d like to add?

It’s the best real estate technology going around and we see plenty. ActivePipe is a Digital Prospector!