Steve Morgan

“We are learning so much more about our database and their interests”

How long have you been in real estate for?

Co-founder of Ray White Lincoln, Steve Morgan started his career as an agent in 1993. Steve took the reigns of RW Lincoln in  November 2007 along with business partner and wife Leanne Morgan, Steve always strives to do the very best he can for both clients and employees.

How long have you been using ActivePipe for?

We have been using ActivePipe for about 2 weeks.

ActivePipe features and benefits: 

So far we have had booked 4 appraisals from the ActivePipe leads, so that is a benefit straight up! We are also learning so much more about our database and their interests just by logging in and seeing what is happening in the background.

There have been several Loan Market Leads, Appraisal requests and Geographic conversions from Your database, are you impressed with the number of new leads so far? 

Yes, we are thrilled!

There have been 40 geographic conversations, 27 potential seller interactions and 32 Loan Market interactions – and hundreds of clients highly active and clicking on our properties.

How are your agents responding to the new information & insights into their database?

There were some un-subs in the first few days, so we saw that ActivePipe was engaging with our database and cleaning it up. This made us a little nervous at first, but when we realised what was happening we jumped in and started making calls and felt loads better with the results we were generating.

What has been the most impressive feature of ActivePipe in your opinion? 

The most impressive feature is the ability to see what clients are up to and get information from behind the scenes than enables you to act.  There is heaps of activity that we can see that we might not have known about otherwise, and that enables our agents to take better, focused action.

Do you expect to get any listings from the appraisal requests you’ve received?

Yes! We have had 8 leads and we have appraised 4 of them already, at least one of those is serious about selling straight away.

Do you see the value in efficiency and capacity created by ActivePipe?

Of course, it’s a matter of making sure that the agents in our office be proactive around logging in and checking out the clicks – and then following up.

Any other comments that you would like to make?

I am thrilled with ActivePipe so far, we are really keen to see how this develops our pipeline and loan market leads. Its great.