Stavros Ambatzidis

“Take control of your client database and make it work for you”

Stavros owns and operates three offices whilst also being a Corporate Director at O’brien Real Estate. ActivePipe has become an essential component of each of his offices day-to-day operations and has even been widely adopted by much of the brand. 

How has ActivePipe changed your business?

ActivePipe has allowed our Sales team to engage with relevant targeted clients that are actively browsing, or interacting with content delivered via ActivePipe.

It has enabled the team to identify clients that we may not have had direct contact with for over 5 years, who are actively back in the marketplace, looking to downsize/upsize & more importantly sell their existing property to take on their next move.

What feedback are you receiving from your team?

Great feedback from the team so far. We have been selective in setting up a structured roll out of email campaigns to ensure that we are not just mass marketing for the sake of it.

What would you say to other business owners looking to invest in ActivePipe?

GO FOR IT! Take control of your client database and make it work for you, instead of putting your clients in “witness protection”.

ActivePipe provides automated & relevant client contact points.

In terms of ROI, where are you seeing the most value for money in the product?

At the moment, we are seeing value for money in increased buyer interaction & increased OFI attendance.

In particular, having a Feature Property at the top of the Weekly Listings email, creates an immediate increase in enquiry & OFI attendance.

We have just added in “Auctions this Weekend” as features at the top of our OFI list as well.

Real time OFI feedback from buyers is gaining traction & is valuable whenproviding vendors feedback.

Significantly, ActivePipe has resulted in a database cleanse program, allowing us to focus on clients that want to hear from us, instead of those that don’t.

In addition, the team are using “Up & Coming” contacts for targeted call sessions.

Are O’Brien agents using ActivePipe in their sales pitches to prospective vendors? If not, have you thought about introducing this as best practice across the network?

Agents are using case studies of some of our properties to demonstrate the reach, and interaction rates, to both prospective & current vendors for their own campaigns.

Ideally yes, this could easily be incorporated as best practice and a very handy listing tool.

How important is our intent data in giving agents a competitive edge?

Intent data is intuitive – it provides an advantage by prompting client contact before the client calls in a competitor.

From an efficiency point of view we know that AP saves time and improves team capacity. How much of an impact will AP have in reducing costs for your business?

ActivePipe allows the business to generate additional revenue by automatically extending our reach to past purchasers, prospective vendors & current buyers that we may not be in close contact with.

Instead of time being allocated to build email campaigns/manual property alerts, the task is automated for them. This then frees them up to concentrate on their core tasks of List, Sell, Negotiate which of course are income producing activities.