Scott Burgess

“Our open rates have tripled”

How long have you been in real estate for?

I have an extensive sales and development background, my brother and I took over Ray White Robina in 2008 and have since grown the business to around 40 real estate professionals.

How long have you been using ActivePipe for?

We have been using ActivePipe for around 2 months, recently we have had some more training on this and taken advantage of some features to enhance the way ActivePipe interacts with our data base, in the last 2 weeks or so we have really started seeing the benefits.

ActivePipe features and benefits: 

I think that ActivePipe is a really good safety net to make sure data that was not being connected with as frequently gets the benefit of what our business has to offer. There is more to the software than meets the eye.

There have been several Loan Market Leads, Appraisal requests and Geographic conversions from your database. Are you impressed with the number of new leads so far?

I am amazed by what has been shown to me and our data manager (Carol Birrell) the numbers are impressive.

So far there have been over 25 potential sellers identified, appraisals booked and one of our staff Josh Willatt has added to his pipeline.

How are your agents responding to the new information & insights into their database?

I think that they were equally surprised by the number of people who have interacted with the emails, there were calls to say that people had bought, updated details – some initial chaos as our data base was awakened by the communications. This has all bubbled down now and we are working through the new leads etc. We are interested to see what has come of this in the next few months as we learn to engage with the new found information. We are on the right track now.

What has been the most impressive feature of ActivePipe in your opinion? 

The open rate has tripled, which means that we have less dormant data.

Do you expect to get any listings from the appraisal requests you’ve received?

Yes! We have a really tight follow up process in our office and we are committed to following up all leads. The leads that are generated in ActivePipe will go into that follow up program.

Do you see the value in efficiency and capacity created by ActivePipe?

Obviously having the “High Value Contacts” and “Up and Coming Contacts”  listed is brilliant. It identifies who we should be calling first, this is an addition to the processes we have in place, but sure helps.

Any other comments that you would like to make? 

In Jan and Feb we will be looking to see what has become of the leads so far and how the systems works within our business over time.