Sandra Bullock

“It’s like having a PA working for you in the background.”

AP: Hi Sandra, we’ve been looking at your numbers in the dashboard and it looks like you’re getting a lot of throughput in terms of activity and people to call. How has AP helped you and your business?

S: Yeah, it’s huge, huge! People that I didn’t even know were looking, are looking! And they’re looking at other people’s properties so I can call them and snap them up before they buy other agent’s properties, so it’s really good.

AP: Do you have anything to say, positive or negative, about how ActivePipe is helping you?

S: It’s really amazing! It’s like having a PA working for you in the background. It’s a really, really strong tool. I’m super busy at the moment, so what I’m realising is that I actually need someone else working for me because I’m not even finding the time to call the leads that are being handed to me on a plate.

AP: So ActivePipe has helped you realise the growth potential in your own business?

S: Yeah!