Roberto Bonomi

“ActivePipe has been very powerful and accurate in tracking future opportunities...”

Roberto Bonomi was named the real estate industry’s “Rising Star” at the prestigious REB Awards in July 2018. He attributes his success to hours of hard work, dedication and going that extra mile for his contacts. Through ActivePipe he’s generated 5 appraisal requests, resulting in 3 listings.

What are the qualities that you believe got you to the top of the game?

I firmly believe my success comes down to genuine human connectedness and always having my clients best interest at heart.

You’ve received five appraisal requests through ActivePipe! This is great news. How do you incorporate ActivePipe into your daily routine?

The best part is that three of those five appraisals turned into listings! ActivePipe works like your PA, it’s always running in the background, working hard behind the scenes. It really helps me with my buyers and I’m using it everyday as an integral part of my business. With the power of online these days, client’s read testimonials & look at your track record. Clients are more likely to request an appraisal based on your past success.

What advice do you have for agents who are just starting out in the business of buying and selling homes?

Don’t be disheartened if it takes time to get going and be prepared to work incredibly hard. It is also important to be hyper aware of legislation and invest in training.
Most importantly align yourself with a company who will support & encourage you. At LJ Hooker St Peters, Glynde, Adelaide City I have a personal business plan with KPI’s, this gives me clarity & focus to stay on track. I am also kept accountable with regular one on ones with my mentor team, helping me with any challenges I may have. This has been instrumental to my success.

What would you say to agents who are thinking about giving ActivePipe a go?

RB: I would say that you need to give this technology a go! ActivePipe has been very powerful and accurate in tracking future opportunities, giving me the edge over other agents.