Penny Higgs

“If the automation doesn’t sell you, the lead generation certainly should”

How long have you been using ActivePipe for?

The LJ Hooker Glenorchy team have been using ActivePipe since March this year. We heard of the platform from other LJ Hooker offices in the area who reported much higher lead generation as a result of ActivePipe’s communication. The platform has since been implemented across our network which I believe is a big win for LJ Hooker.

What’s the biggest advantage of ActivePipe?

We have a large database with over 9000 contacts here in Glenorchy. Even with 13 real estate agents working our stock eight hours a day, we struggle to keep in touch with all of them. ActivePipe ensures our entire database receives a minimum of one weekly listings email a week and we know further communication will be sent if required. We focus on legitimate buyers and sellers rather than the usual hit & miss approach.

How do you apply the technology to your workplace?

We’ve incorporated ActivePipe into our weekly sales routine. The campaign reports we are sent indicate our email marketing success which we reflect on as a team. I encourage our team to log in to the platform and identify contacts that are ready to buy and sell. We watch our Up-and-Coming contacts like a hawk!

In your opinion what is the most impressive feature of ActivePipe?

In less than 6 months, we received 30 appraisal requests via ActivePipe without doing a thing. If the automation doesn’t sell you, the lead generation certainly should.

What are the highlights of your experience with ActivePipe?

We’ve had a number of good results for the office. Personally, the highlight has been the 27,000 web clicks. Each property link in ActivePipe emails directs the contact to our website. As a consequence our properties are constantly viewed which means our selling time is faster. We also have a whole lot more enquiry on our properties and we can use the data to identify listing opportunities too.