Paul Reed

“I have a 31% open rate which is more than double the industry average”

How long did it take you to start seeing results from ActivePipe?

I’ve been using ActivePipe since the 9th of May. I’d heard that other PRD offices were using it and thought I’d find out what the hype was about.

We started seeing the benefits as soon as we started our free trial.

In the second week I’d identified a listing opportunity. New contacts added from OFI’s and Portal Enquiries are now engaged and many are volunteering valuable information – all as a direct result of ActivePipe’s automation.

The whole team is seeing the value and this happened almost straight away.

What’s the biggest advantage of ActivePipe?

ActivePipe is the best “stay in touch” technology in real estate. Without doing a thing I’ve sent over 11,000 emails to my database and been complimented for it.

It gives me confidence to know my contacts are regularly informed about our listings. The emails are so professional and personalised that as far as they’re concerned I’m sitting behind my laptop and writing them myself.

I’ve also noticed that it drives a heap of traffic to our website. I’ve had 1500 people visit it through the emails ActivePipe is sending on my behalf and I’m able to monitor that value as a direct advantage of this communication.

How do you apply the technology to your workplace?

Initially I was the only one using ActivePipe. I had a database of close to 1000 contacts and keeping in regular contact with every one of them just wasn’t feasible.

This product has helped me keep in touch with all my contacts and alerts me when they’re interacting with my emails. I have a 31% open rate which is more than double the industry average and unlike my competitors, I know when my clients are ready to list and sell.

ActivePipe has generated three appraisal requests for me to pursue. These are genuine opportunities that I wouldn’t have received if ActivePipe wasn’t sending the appraisal campaign on my behalf.

It really is made for real estate.

Would you recommend ActivePipe to other PRD Nationwide offices?

Of course I would. The brand awareness and opportunity to get yourself in front of your contacts is unparalleled. It’s not something you can overlook.