Paul Ellis

“With just 3 listings, ActivePipe has paid for itself for 10 years!”


Elders Rockingham has been around for 5 years and has built a strong reputation as a community focused agency with a combination of bright young talent and some very experienced practitioners. The result is a successful office with a high-performing sales division and an excellent Property Management portfolio.

Elders Rockingham appreciates the value of Social Media and the use of strong communication through emails and newsletters.

How long did it take for you to start seeing results from ActivePipe?

This was noticeable almost immediately. There has been a considerable lift in enquiry levels since our office turned on ActivePipe. People are calling in more often to ask about property. After less than a month on ActivePipe we had 3 contacts call and invite us to list their home, these were contacts we hadn’t spoken to in a long time and it is my belief that it’s because we have been front of mind from our ActivePipe. I am happy to attribute these listings directly to ActivePipe. These were people in our database whom we had not contacted for some time. I even had an email from a fellow business owner in the area saying the emails looked great.

What attracted you to ActivePipe?

When it was presented to me I thought it looked smart and pretty simple to use. I was particularly impressed by what they claimed in terms of reporting and how it could assist the team. I must say that I was initially sceptical but to their credit ActivePipe didn’t over-play their hand. It has delivered in spades and the team love it.

How would you describe the impact of this business tool?

I have more focused, productive agents because ActivePipe is giving them a call list of people who are in real estate mode, these contacts happily take our calls and the data is invaluable in forming really good conversations with prospective vendors and buyers. As a Principal I have a birds-eye view of contact interaction across the whole team, I know that ActivePipe is contacting our entire database every week and I can see the interest we are generating in our vendors properties.

What is this in dollar value to you?

Assuming we sell the 3 listings gained in the first month ActivePipe has paid for itself for 10 years! There is other value though:

  • Time saved sending comparatively poor quality emails and newsletters.
  • More effective coverage of our database
  • Value added vendor marketing
  • More productive agents
  • Agents are understanding the opportunity that a good database can create

Does ActivePipe help your business in any other ways?

It is a powerful listing tool because it intuitively identifies contacts as potential vendors and encourages people to formally request appraisals. These Potential vendors are impressed by ActivePipe too.

What was it like training your staff to use ActivePipe?

It’s a simple platform and there isn’t a great need for training. ActivePipe even automates the reporting to our team so they don’t really need to do anything. However, we had a coaching session recently and we can really maximise the benefits of ActivePipe now.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

ActivePipe is brilliant and our team love it. When you consider how little it costs its amazing that more agencies haven’t cottoned on! However, while I have a competitive advantage I’m going to use it.

Would you recommend ActivePipe to another Elders real estate office?

Yes, of course. I’ve seen great results in just 8 weeks and I can see the potential.