Mel Christie

“There were people who I was surprised about”


She is only two months into her real estate career, but agent Mel Christie from Ray White Real Estate Coorparoo catches on fast.  With the help of ActivePipe, Mel received four appraisals in the space of seven days.  She credits ActivePipe with giving her an edge when it comes to understanding the needs of her customers, allowing her to respond in a timely manner with the appropriate follow up needed.

How long have you been in real estate for?

2 months, I’m very fresh in the industry.

How long have you been using ActivePipe for?

About two or three weeks.

What do you think of the results you’ve had so far?

I think without ActivePipe I wouldn’t have received the four appraisals that came through last week. I might have received those another time when I touched base with them, but that automated email straight to the client, it so easy for them click on that – and – appraisal organised.

In your opinion, what are the best features of ActivePipe that you’ve noticed so far?

Just seeing client interaction with the property they’re looking at, finding out who is a hot buyer. There were people who I was surprised about. They had led me to believe that they weren’t ready to go but with their interaction with the amount of properties – I’ll definitely be contacting them quicker than I thought I might have been.

Do you expect to get any listings from the appraisal requests you’ve received?

At this point out of four, none of them have indicated they’re ready to sell right now, it’s more gathering of information of what their properties are valued at, at this point. But I am meeting with two of them today and one tomorrow so I will know the finer details when I am sitting down with them.

What was the difference between your first contact with the potential client through door knocking them, and the contact you have had with them via ActivePipe?

My first appointment today – she was a lovely lady we had a really good rapport, she only provided me with her email though, not her mobile number. So the advantage of having her email has outweighed having her mobile. Because I can’t send an email appraisal through her phone. I think just having that email sent to her, should make it a lot easier to get the appraisal.