Matthew Herbert

“ActivePipe is, without question, the best tool for databases I have ever seen. I'm absolutely addicted.”

Matthew Herbert is one of the most awarded principals in LJ Hooker history. His esteem within the group is legendary and led to a 2018 induction into the LJ Hooker Hall of Fame.

As part of his many speaking engagements, Matthew put time aside to speak with Ben, our Head of Sales ANZ/UK about why ActivePipe is, in his opinion, the best thing that’s ever happened for databases.

He told a room packed with LJ Hooker principals, “ActivePipe, without question, is the best tool for databases I have ever seen. It’s a little bit like a drug. I’m addicted. I’m absolutely addicted to this thing and if you’re not going back and making sure your office is using ActivePipe, you are missing out on a huge opportunity”.

Check it out:

Why does he love it so much?

“It’s a lead generator. They’re real, solid leads. Nothing airy-fairy, just high quality leads coming out of your existing database.”

To get the full rundown, watch the whole video below!