John Parkes

“As an agent, ActivePipe gives me a point of difference”

Data Hygiene Campaign Results:

Appraisal Requests: 9
Loan Market Requests: 2
Profile Updates: 81
Geo Conversion: 10

How long have you been using ActivePipe?

We’ve been using ActivePipe at Ray White Tugun for almost two years now. We saw potential in the product from the very beginning and are so glad we embraced it. It is now an important part of our daily routine and staff-training program.

What is it about ActivePipe that you most value?

The thing I like most about ActivePipe is the ability to provide our customers with a personalised experience without all the work. Also the way the system is so automatic and almost happens in the background without you realising.

The emails sent are based on a person’s unique behaviour and contact profile so we are confident they are informed about OFI reminders, auctions and market updates that apply to their specific real estate interests.

What do you think is the most impressive feature of ActivePipe?

We love that ActivePipe gets to know our contacts before we do. As an agent it definitely gives us a point of difference.

Picking up the phone knowing a contact has already seen our face and completed our survey is far easier than making a cold call because it’s like we’ve already been introduced.

We received 81 profile updates in our recent data hygiene survey. We sent it to our entire database and were amazed by how many of our contacts responded. People we’d forgotten about were showing up our dashboard along with their real estate intention.

It was so simple to get on the phone and ask how we could help – the conversation basically scripted itself.

We also had 9 appraisal requests come through without doing a thing – it blew our sales team’s minds.

How have your interactions with clients changed since using ActivePipe?

Communication with our contacts is far more effective.

We often get remarks like you read my mind, that’s exactly what I was after or I’ve been looking at that property, I really love the open spaces in the living room.

The intel from ActivePipe is really impressive and helps us understand what our contacts are really after. As I’m sure you can appreciate that doesn’t always reflect what they say they are after and having ActivePipe’s insight really puts as ahead of other offices in Southern Gold Coast.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

ActivePipe helps us professionally and consistently deliver exceptional customer service to our entire database.

It’s an integral part of a comprehensive communications strategy that achieves more sales with greater results for each of our valued contacts.