Jamie Maynard

“It’s perfect for new contacts who we haven’t even met”

As Principal of Elders Real Estate Albury/Wodonga, Jamie leads a select team of highly motivated staff with a unique vision for the renowned Elders brand in the Albury/Wodonga area.

Jamie’s passion for the industry is contagious.  His astute understanding of marketing a property and his ability to negotiate brings about outstanding results for his clients.

How long did it take for you to start seeing results from ActivePipe? 

Realistically, it probably took us a couple of weeks to really embrace ActivePipe but it is now an integral part of our business. We use it in our weekly sales meetings and review interaction from the previous week. From early on, ActivePipe was telling us who is in property mode, what are they clicking on and how many times, indicating their level of interest. We have 124 listings so this is invaluable information.

How would you describe the impact of this business tool?

I’m a big fan and so is my business partner Dean. It is perfect for analysing new contacts and introducing the agent and our business. To be honest, we were apprehensive initially and thought we might be sending too much but this wasn’t the case at all. ActivePipe handles email marketing really well. It’s identified quite a few potential vendors which has turned into pipeline. In fact we have many clients who are responding directly to the communications.

What is this in dollar value to you?

Hard to quantify but as principals, Dean and I certainly place a high value on ActivePipe. It is a simple platform that helps us keep control of our stock and manage the buyers. The team members using it are seeing lots of opportunity and it has significantly improved the conversations they are having with their clients. Just seeing evidence of changes in buying patterns can be very powerful. We all know that what a buyer says they want and what they really want can be two very different things. ActivePipe tells us exactly what they’re interested in!

Does ActivePipe help your business in any other ways?

I mentioned that it’s perfect for new contacts who we haven’t even met and it gives us a distinct advantage over other agencies. It directs traffic to our website and creates a huge amount of brand awareness that is imperative to the business.

What was it like training your staff to use ActivePipe?

Simple! Dean and I are both users and advocates so that’s helped to bring the team along. Plus, it really is largely set-and-forget. You don’t need to tinker with it – brilliant. Once the guys started seeing the automated reports they soon realised that ActivePipe is alerting us with at-your-fingertips information. They don’t have to do much but once they log in they can get so much more background to their clients and they love that.

Would you recommend ActivePipe to another Elders real estate office?

In a heartbeat. The whole Elders network should be using it.