Daniel Vanin

“People who weren't into databasing saw the ROI and became more engaged with our system”

How does Ignite compare to AUTO?

As a Business Development Manager, I’m always on the lookout for new ways to improve our customer’s experience with Ray White North East. With the addition of quarterly data hygiene surveys we have been able to engage our database at regular intervals. The interactivity of these surveys has lead to a spike in lead generation with 25 appraisals requested in the past three months. We converted some of these leads into listings. We also had 157 contacts update their property interests which has helped us provide a noticeably better customer experience.

What has been the impact of ActivePipe on your sales team?

Prior to Ignite, not all of our agents regularly updated their CRM but once they started seeing the leads and enquiry coming from the platform they began to understand the potential each contact had. People who weren’t into databasing saw the ROI and became more engaged with our system.

In your opinion, what has been the most significant advantage of ActivePipe?

I think the most significant advantage of ActivePipe is being able to uncover potential buyers and sellers; people we had no idea were in the market. We now know exactly who we should be talking to which helps us re-engage our old contacts at the right time!

What challenges have you faced so far?

I think the biggest challenge we have faced so far is getting our sales team’s heads around what is sent and at what time. We also have to train them so that they can use the platform to its full potential. ActivePipe’s support staff have really helped us with this.