Dan Sowden

“With Ignite, we have discovered hidden opportunities in our database”


“We have over 16,000 contacts between 9 agents here at Ray White Maroochydore live on ActivePipe.

It’s fair to say that we have our work cut out for us when it comes to touching base with our contacts and finding opportunities within our database.

ActivePipe’s Ignite program with Ray White has helped our office generate eighteen appraisal requests and 207 profile updates in under 2 months. 27 of those profile updates said they were upsizing and 66 said they were looking to downsize.

This suggested to us they’re not only looking to buy, but may have a property to sell.

After following up those contacts, we discovered several did have properties to sell, adding real value to our office’s Pipeline.

With our Ignite program, we have discovered hidden opportunities in our database and identified potential sellers before they reveal themselves to our competition.

This program is a big win for the Ray White Group! ”