Cliff Tarr

“Four appraisals within seven days. We are so happy!”

What are the results so far with ActivePipe?

It’s unbelievable actually. In just the past week, one of my salespeople has had four appraisal requests come in.

So she’s over the moon. And when I got into the office this morning I had an email request on my own ActivePipe report. Also, over the weekend, we had our weekly listings of open for inspections email go out to buyers, and we had a buyer actually send through an offer straight from that ActivePipe email. The buyer has actually sent through an offer on the property, attached as a forward-on from that email.

What do you think of those results?

They are fantastic, they are extraordinary. Mel, the salesperson that had the four appraisals come through in the last seven days, actually door knocked those people within the last three to four weeks. They obviously declined the appraisal offer at that time, but once we’ve come back and put those people in the system – because they were quite happy to receive information from us – they have obviously engaged the welcome email that goes out – and it has gone from there. As I said, four appraisals within seven days, so we are very happy.

How long did it take to start seeing results from ActivePipe?

The first couple of weeks we were learning how to use the system, but I think the most important thing was to get the customers’ email addresses into ActivePipe. Four weeks on, we are now seeing the results coming through. It’s just fantastic. Over the coming months I’m sure more results will follow.

Do you expect to get any listings from the appraisals that you have received?

Absolutely. I would say out of those four, they are probably more what you call a pipeline so they go into our pipeline. The customers obviously have some sort of interest as to where their property may sit, and then we have to go out there. I imagine that within 12 months we would expect to get one or two listings for sure.

What do you think of the ActivePipe emails?

I think if it’s by email, it’s more non-threatening, they are happy to click on it, because people are actually going to the internet to get information. And when that information is put in front of them, they are happier to take it up. Whereas if we are standing at their front door they don’t really want to engage face to face.