Christopher Jarvis

“The leads we receive as a result of the ActivePipe marketing are hot!”

You’re part of a large Property Management team at Point Cook. What attracted you to ActivePipe?

I knew that the Sales team were using ActivePipe and it was really effective for them. They were winning business – listings and sales – using it and when Tony (Principal) suggested that it could be used for PM I jumped at it.

What are the key features of ActivePipe?

There are a few things. One, it looks much better than anything we can produce out of our CRM. It gives us a real point of difference and it is saving me somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour each week due to the automation. In the short time we’ve been using ActivePipe we’ve sent approximately 72,000 emails without lifting a finger!

How are you using ActivePipe?

We send a Weekly Rentals Update plus an OFI Reminder to our PM database. We get a really positive response on a consistent basis and its great for our profile in the market.

What are the highlights of your experience with ActivePipe?

We’re using Inspect Real Estate and adding to our database all the time and I have confidence that these people are being communicated with in a professional manner. Plus, the leads we receive as a result of the ActivePipe marketing are hot leads. This makes our team a lot more focused and effective. Its interesting because we also see people attending the Opens with our OFI Reminder open on their phones. ActivePipe’s mobile responsiveness is excellent!

What has been the most impressive feature of ActivePipe in your opinion?

I love the automation. I don’t need to worry about the next send or spend time doing it myself because ActivePipe does it like clockwork. Our updates look smart, people value them and it’s an effective way to communicate with a large database.

Would you recommend ActivePipe to another Barry Plant office for Property Management? 

100% Why wouldn’t you use it? The time it saves makes it a positive ROI and I know we have built our rent roll as a consequence of using it.