Chris Peeters

“ActivePipe gives you big office technology and efficiencies without the big office price tag”


The Colac office, jointly run by Chris and Wayne, has been operating in the small Victorian town of 12,000 for over 10½ years. The small 5 person team runs a large number of listings (currently 52) and a modest rent roll of 105 properties. The region has 8 agencies competing for a piece of the real estate pie and several are bigger than LJ Hooker Colac so Chris and the team have to be on top of their game.

How long have you been using ActivePipe?

We’ve been using ActivePipe since Sept 2016, so just a little over 12 months. When we first started using ActivePipe we were so impressed with it we both asked “Why haven’t we been using this for the past year?” It’s been fantastic for our business and I wish we’d been using it longer.

What is it about ActivePipe that you most value?

Wayne and I are really stretched for time. When you’re selling, running a business, looking after staff etc it seems there are never enough hours in the day. ActivePipe helps us cover our territory and maintain excellent contact with a large number of clients.

ActivePipe enables us to allocate our time more effectively because we know where to focus, who to call. No more throwing darts at a board and hoping for the best.

What do you think is the most impressive feature of ActivePipe?

It’s set and forget!

We have the confidence to let it do its stuff knowing that our contacts are receiving regular, professional communication from us and our brand is consistently promoted.

How have your interactions with clients changed since using ActivePipe?

Colac isn’t a huge town so you’re often bumping into clients and there are often remarks about this or that email and mostly they’re really positive. We consistently have clients thank us for the emails, they find them very helpful and look forward to receiving them. It’s a great form of marketing that’s not intrusive but it does get noticed and it’s especially valuable to our clients when they’re in real estate mode.

Being able to see what contacts are interested in means that when we do follow-up it’s a much more informed and valuable phone call – for them and us. We’re not wasting their time and we’re not wasting ours!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We have competition just like everyone else but in a small town I think ActivePipe gives us an edge over our competition who are slow to embrace this sort of technology. Plus, when you’re a small office ActivePipe gives you big office technology and efficiencies without the big office price tag.

All offices should be using email marketing and ActivePipe is IT in real estate. My advice to other Principals is – Don’t overthink it! Email marketing is fantastic and when there’s a product that does it so well why would you do it any other way?