Anthony Steinberg

“I love it because there’s continuous professional brand recognition”


Raine & Horne Mermaid Beach is a composite of 2 significant Mermaid Beach agencies and has combined the experience and professionalism of some well respected teams to carve a strong share of regional sales.

Anthony and Kae have 8 years experience in Real Estate and have an enviable reputation and a large, loyal client base.

What attracted you to ActivePipe?

I was using ActivePipe prior to joining Raine & Horne. I saw an opportunity to automate an important element of our client marketing – email.

There are agents who think they do a good job of email – they don’t! There are Principals and networks who think the CRM does a good job of email – it doesn’t!

There is this ridiculous notion that just because they can they will. Any process requiring an agent to regularly, consistently and professionally maintain good email touch points by doing it themselves is fatally flawed. Agents aren’t good at it and when they do get around to it the quality is poor and there’s no proper measurement.

We send to 3000+ contacts every week as REGULAR AS CLOCKWORK and we KNOW what our contacts are interested in.

How long did it take for you to start seeing results from ActivePipe?

The nice thing about digital communication is immediacy. You can see what’s happening straight away and this was the case with ActivePipe. We can promote a new listing via the platform and within a couple of hours we know who we should be following up.

The opportunity to provide outstanding service to our vendors is unparalleled with ActivePipe, and I know that with every happy vendor we’re a step closer to a new one.

How would you describe the impact of this business tool?

I love it because there’s continuous professional brand recognition, I’m not concerned about whether it’s happening and I can view all client interaction across the entire team.

The team really love it because they’re more effective. You can’t follow up several hundred contacts very easily but when ActivePipe flags the activity of 10 or 20 prospects in real estate mode that’s gold! Plus, they know that for every 4 or 5 buyers there is a potential vendor and they use ActivePipe to identify them.

How do you measure the ROI?

ActivePipe has given me listings and that’s all I require. The subscription is an investment NOT a cost and it’s tiny when you consider the benefits.

Does ActivePipe help your business in any other ways?

Look, it’s not magic and the old maxim applies – shit in shit out. So…..what I can say is that ActivePipe has definitely had a positive impact on CRM utilisation and the team know that getting the contact details right is important.

We’ve sent 170,000 emails to our clients, I know they appreciate it and it’s been completely automatic. In 18 months there’s been hardly any issues; that’s important because as a Principal there’s always stuff to do and I’m not occupied worrying about email marketing!

What was it like training your staff to use ActivePipe?

There’s not much need and ActivePipe are happy to conduct training at any time.

The fact that ActivePipe also automates the reporting is a bonus. It isn’t necessary to log in and the agents get emailed valuable insights into their contact activity.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

ActivePipe is a wonderful product and they keep improving it. Pretending you can do this stuff any other way is a nonsense. There’s nothing like it out there.

I’m a fan because the team at ActivePipe have given me a professional way to touch our contacts, its personalised, it’s automated, it’s reliable and they provide an incredible amount of qualified prospects with a high degree of predictability.

Would you recommend ActivePipe to another Raine & Horne office?

Let me answer the question this way – Raine & Horne would be a better performing network if all our offices were using ActivePipe!