Andrew White

“ActivePipe is integral in driving traffic to our stock.”

How long have you been in real estate for?

I relocated to Sydney from QLD around 2 years ago. I started the Ray White Brand in Balgowlah and we are really focused on growing a healthy and effective database. We consider ourselves forward thinking and ActivePipe is a match for our forward thinking model.

How long have you been using ActivePipe & how quickly did you notice results?

Since February this year & we saw results after the first email communications went out.

Right off the bat we noticed the spike in engagement from our database, more prospects were interacting with our emails and we were getting instant enquiry.  Soon afterward we saw numbers through open houses rise in correlation with the weekly property emails and open house feedback coming in via ActivePipe. All these things enhance our visibility with prospects a really genuine way.

What has been the most impressive feature of ActivePipe in your opinion? 

The answer is two-fold, firstly – to be honest – would be the automation. We don’t have time to spend on all the stuff that’s going on, we just go to an open home – we enter the data – they get communication from ActivePipe right away (OFI campaign) and then we get feedback directly to MyDesktop. After that the client is in our pipeline receiving weekly emails and we are making noise in our marketplace about how we operate – that’s a big point of difference over our competitors.

We haven’t really had time to invest in the customisation of ActivePipe, although we plan to. At the moment we are operating out of the box. Secondly, we are driving some serious traffic through to our properties for sale directly from ActivePipe.

Recently we brought two properties simultaneously to market, one listed on the portals and the other marketed direct to our database of buyers through ActivePipe. We had similar numbers, if not better, through the properties and SOLD the ActivePipe property quickly and with a great result.

Over time we have developed this into our listing pitch and pre-marketing program. We give each property a lead-up to market with a thorough database marketing program in which ActivePipe is integral in driving traffic to our stock.

What is the main benefit to your business utilising ActivePipe?

Again, the automation – we are not doing more work, we just have better goggles to see what is happening. Also, we now know that we can hit the market really rapidly without the additional expenses of REA or Domain. We can drive traffic infinitely faster direct from ActivePipe to our DataBase and we can see who and how people are interacting with our listings, which is valuable stuff you don’t get from the portals.  We now know who to target.

Has implementing ActivePipe into your business changed your behaviours or increased your operating capacity?

Yes, yes it has. Marketing is all about layering for us, ActivePipe is a big part of that layering in our business – is it a safeguard against people being left behind – each week they get more information from us and each time they are getting an impression about how active we are in the market. It (AP) is working away in the background helping us to leave the best impression while we are busy doing other things.

Although you never know where 100% of your listings come from, we do know that ActivePipe is helping us attract new business, not only potential buyers – also pipeline and listings. Its consistent and reliable, which is key.

Do you think that ActivePipe will continue to be a part of your business in the future? 

Absolutely, it’s part of our sales pitch and standard operations now. We see this as being a part of how we go the extra distance and create that all important noise around our brand and our stock.

ActivePipe is also building our database as well as helping maintain it. We have a hard and soft data base, the hard database we are calling weekly and they are at the front of our mind, they are people transacting now or in the immediate future and we like to stay as close to them as possible, and that is working really well for us. ActivePipe makes sure we don’t miss anyone else as they come to the front of the line.