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Don’t Get Left Behind: Real Estate Marketing

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Admins: Implementing a Concierge Program

Nurture Your Contacts: Drip Campaigns

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Prominent Properties: How we bridged the gap

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The Value of Email Marketing With ActivePipe: What You Receive Back

Don’t use a CRM? New features just for you!

Don’t have a CRM? No worries! Our latest feature updates are all about improving the power of ActivePipe for those who don’t use a CRM.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate the new features that are live in your account and show you how you can use them to do best practice email marketing and get better results.
Come along as we show you how to:

1. Identify your high quality buyers with property feedback surveys
2. Send emails that match your clients preferences with new buyer preference capabilities
3. Set up powerful ‘Just Listed Alerts’ campaign to notify your buyers of new properties on the market

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Creative Examples for ActivePipe Admins

This webinar reviews all of the creative emails admins can create to help onboarding new agents or to maintain a positive culture through email!

How to Win More Listings with ActivePipe

This webinar focuses on everything you can do in emails to help generate more listings!

ActivePipe Admins: Operations and Logistics

This webinar is a review of all the responsibilities that come with being an Admin. Great video for training new admins!

Automation in ActivePipe

This webinar reviews how to automate all things in ActivePipe – so you can save time and focus your energy on selling homes!

Stay out of Spam: Email Deliverability 101

This webinar focuses on all the tips & tricks needed to keep your email integrity high – so that you stay out of spam!

Outstanding Examples of Real Estate Newsletters

This webinar reviews some of the best Newsletters we’ve seen brokerages create & provides guidance on how you can build your own!

Success Story – Wish SIR

This Webinar is an interview with a top Agent at Wish Sotheby’s & how they’ve been so successful with ActivePipe.

Don’t Get Left Behind: Real Estate Marketing

This webinar focuses on why realtors should put an effort into email marketing & the benefits it can have for their business.

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This webinar reviews some of our latest features while offerring real estate agents the opportunity to bring their own questions!

Spring Cleaning with ActivePipe

This webinar covers everything you should be doing to stay organized & tidy within ActivePipe – so that you can guarantee the best results!

Cloze & ActivePipe: Enabling Ninja Brokerages

In this webinar, Aaron Lincoff, Director of Business Development at ActivePipe, and Alex Coté, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder at Cloze, sit down with Tamy Gluck and Talita Fagerstrom from Soleil Sotheby’s International Realty. We discuss how they use both tools to enable their agents and brokerage, namely how they use both to help their agents be more productive, get rid of manual work, and stay true to their Ninja roots. If you’re a high-performing brokerage, you’ll definitely want to watch this!

The Future of Real Estate Marketing

In this panel, Joe Manning, Chief Marketing Technology Officer at BHHS Drysdale and Aaron Lincoff, Director of Business Development at ActivePipe, discuss the future of real estate marketing and how you and your brokerage can navigate a post-pandemic world. You definitely don’t want to miss out!

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