Simon Kahl

We have found ActivePipe to be our ultimate solution for all our marketing needs. It serves as our one-stop shop for all related marketing activities, providing comprehensive campaign reporting that we utilise extensively. Our mortgage brokers are particularly impressed with its effectiveness in serving their clients.

The articles provided by ActivePipe consistently maintain a high standard, offering valuable information and insights. Additionally, we have discovered that ActivePipe serves as an excellent lead generation tool, further enhancing its value to our business.

We highly recommend ActivePipe for any mortgage broking business looking to streamline their marketing efforts and generate quality leads.

Teah Wood

Our office started using Active Pipe several years ago for automating my email campaigns, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The platform’s automated email feature has revolutionized the way I communicate with my clients.

Active Pipe’s automated emails are incredibly efficient and reliable. They seamlessly deliver personalized messages to my target audience, saving me valuable time and effort. The intuitive interface allows me to set up sophisticated email sequences with ease, ensuring that my subscribers receive the right content at the right time.

What impresses me the most is the level of customization and personalization Active Pipe offers. I can tailor each email to suit the specific needs and interests of my clients, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates. The platform also provides valuable insights and analytics, allowing me to track the performance of my email campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Moreover, the support team at Active Pipe is exceptional. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and always ready to assist me whenever I need help or have questions.

Overall, Active Pipe’s automated emails have been a game-changer for my business. They have streamlined my email marketing efforts and helped me build stronger relationships with my clients. I highly recommend Active Pipe to any marketer or business owner looking for a reliable and powerful email automation solution.

Hilary Holliday

Paul Hutchins

To have a newsletter sent out to over 1,200 clients and 1,150 engaged or read it, was sensational and then to also receive active leads because of it. I was amazed at the response and the professionalism, of not only the communication going out to clients but the depth of metrics to measure the interaction, and responses.

David McKenzie

Amy Tennant

David Harbord

Phil Boyle

Jonathon Bowker

“The convenience of the ActivePipe monthly newsletter service, along with the relevant finance specific content, provides great value to our business and ensures a regular touch to our client base with minimal effort.”

“Possibly the most beneficial feature of the platform is that it provides us with the analytics to monitor who in our database has shown interest and maybe an opportunity for a conversation. We highly recommend ActivePipe to anyone in the SFG network”

Matt Punter

“We’re really pleased with the progress we’re making with our database nurturing and business development program to our existing client base and greater contact database.”

“The only tool we’re currently using for this exercise is Activepipe. We’re delighted that not only are we overperforming (by some 250%+) on the key metrics measured (open rate and interaction rate) for this type of communication, but more importantly, we’re also writing and settling more loans as a result and building a really strong pipeline of prospective deals. We believe this is simply due the ease of and the increase in frequency of us communicating with our list.”

“We expect to settle record volumes right through to xmas based on today’s pipeline, WIP and improved conversion rates as a result of this approach to business development. I’ve included some stats below to support our performance.”

“A big thanks to the Finsure team and Paul Smith and his team at Activepipe for being so responsive which is greatly assisting us to meet our revenue and growth targets for all businesses within our group.”

Zarko Jokic

Having the capability to deliver a relevant message to your database is paramount. This is where ActivePipe excels.

Lee Banh

Chris Brown

Mark Laaksonen

The one weakness I always felt existed was my lack of regular contact with my client base, but over the past year this has changed dramatically with the support of the team at ActivePipe, in particular with their personalised newsletters. This could not of come at a more important time with the impact of COVID-19 and the assistance I have been able to provide my client base during these challenging times, being proactive rather than reactive has proved invaluable.