Doing great buyer work – establishing intent & quality leads through data.

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You will discover how in real estate, there is no substitute for understanding the buyer. And today more than ever, content & data play a powerful role in establishing buyer intent. In this webinar, Josh Phegan focuses on doing great buyer work to win.

  • How to get buyers to buy – Fundamentals that drive behaviour 
  • The secrets to producing addictive content 
  • Establishing buyer intent through data feedback
  • Sorting your database to find the best sellers & buyers in the market

The Database Revolution – how to drive long term real estate results

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Having a quality database sits at the heart of your success in modern real estate marketing. In this webinar, Josh Phegan takes you through the key steps for building and maintaining a powerful database to rapidly drive engagement.

The topics covered include:

  • How to collect data – the best lead sources to grow your database.
  • How to categorise contacts and know their trigger points
  • Knowing what content to share and when – what your audience values
  • Why unsubscribes are a good thing – staying focused on active prospect



      The 2024 Marketing Plan. Setting yourself up for success

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      In this 30-minute webinar, Josh Phegan talks with ActivePipe’s Ali Vaez about understanding & leveraging digital intent to reach more active buyers and sellers. They give examples of powerful strategies you can adopt immediately to boost marketing returns.

      This webinar covers:

      • How to become a content led marketer for better lead generation
      • Building the perfect email to drive audience engagement
      • Targeting the big segments in your database for more results

      Simon Kahl

      We have found ActivePipe to be our ultimate solution for all our marketing needs. It serves as our one-stop shop for all related marketing activities, providing comprehensive campaign reporting that we utilise extensively. Our mortgage brokers are particularly impressed with its effectiveness in serving their clients.

      The articles provided by ActivePipe consistently maintain a high standard, offering valuable information and insights. Additionally, we have discovered that ActivePipe serves as an excellent lead generation tool, further enhancing its value to our business.

      We highly recommend ActivePipe for any mortgage broking business looking to streamline their marketing efforts and generate quality leads.

      Teah Wood

      Our office started using Active Pipe several years ago for automating my email campaigns, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The platform’s automated email feature has revolutionized the way I communicate with my clients.

      Active Pipe’s automated emails are incredibly efficient and reliable. They seamlessly deliver personalized messages to my target audience, saving me valuable time and effort. The intuitive interface allows me to set up sophisticated email sequences with ease, ensuring that my subscribers receive the right content at the right time.

      What impresses me the most is the level of customization and personalization Active Pipe offers. I can tailor each email to suit the specific needs and interests of my clients, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates. The platform also provides valuable insights and analytics, allowing me to track the performance of my email campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

      Moreover, the support team at Active Pipe is exceptional. They are responsive, knowledgeable, and always ready to assist me whenever I need help or have questions.

      Overall, Active Pipe’s automated emails have been a game-changer for my business. They have streamlined my email marketing efforts and helped me build stronger relationships with my clients. I highly recommend Active Pipe to any marketer or business owner looking for a reliable and powerful email automation solution.

      Hilary Holliday

      Paul Hutchins

      To have a newsletter sent out to over 1,200 clients and 1,150 engaged or read it, was sensational and then to also receive active leads because of it. I was amazed at the response and the professionalism, of not only the communication going out to clients but the depth of metrics to measure the interaction, and responses.

      David McKenzie

      How to win in a competitive real estate market

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      To maximise every real estate opportunity, you need to understand the reasons why people will list with you & how to recognise them – then present them back in a way that appeals to their confidence and moves the decision in your favour.


      In this webinar, Josh covers the following topics:

      • Relevance, frequency and engagement – how it builds confidence
      • How to position yourself as the trusted advisor.
      • Secrets for overcoming fears and doubts of consumers.


      How to build your brand & drive exceptional customer experience.

      How to build your brand & drive exceptional customer experience.


      In real estate, reputation goes a long way. And building a well-respected brand is at the heart of growing a successful agency


      In this webinar, Josh covers the following topics:

      • The secrets to building brand consistency in the digital environment
      • How to clean up your database so you’re talking to active buyers and sellers
      • Proven techniques for creating compelling headlines & copy that converts


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      How to maximise marketing and drive more buyers & sellers ready to transact.

      As the real estate market continues to get tougher, its vital to apply the latest marking tools that keep you one step ahead of the competition. In this webinar, Josh walks you through his blueprint for success and shows you how to:


      In this webinar, Josh will show you how to:

      • Automate your marketing to save hours & find buyers with the highest level of intent.
      • Engage with your audience with data segmentation for personalisation at scale.
      • How to be relevant, consistent, and frequent in your marketing efforts to build your brand.


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      The power of relationships in a digital world



      In this dynamic 45-minute webinar, Josh covers:


      How to segment your data and provide powerful marketing to the right audiences.

      Find bigger audiences within your database, and learn how to communicate to them to drive conversion and create new markets.


      How to drive intent with great buyer work in the digital and real world.

      Great buyer work is the number one skill in a declining market. Build great customer experiences and gauge digital intent so you know who’s next to buy and sell with your customer base.


      Set up for 2023 and get your first listings ready to market in January.

      Next year starts now. We’ll cover the key people to call, what to say and how to drive them to list now for an early January campaign.


      Getting strategic – the yearly review used by the best agents in the business.

      There are only three things we can play with, average sale price, volume and fee. We’ll show you the specific strategies and tactics to increase all three outside the day’s market conditions.



      How to communicate when a natural disaster affects your community

      What we Covered

      When fire, flood, earthquake or gale force winds wreak havoc in our communities, there’s a heavy human as well as a financial cost incurred by the damage done to properties. With our knowledge of local neighbourhoods and keystone positions in our local business communities, real estate offices are often well placed to help at these difficult times, and in the aftermath and recovery periods. It’s never been more important to get the tone and the messaging right during those times.


      1. The human response in a natural disaster
      2. Communication tips for your agents
      3. Ways to help your community recover



      Content Marketing in a Changing Property Market

      Interest rate hikes and easing property prices mean the market is changing. But don’t be afraid!

      It’s a time when buyers, sellers and investors are feeling uncertain and looking for guidance, making it the perfect time to ramp up your email marketing as a trusted market professional.

      In this webinar with content marketing expert Kylie Davis, we will look at how to confidently create email campaigns that both inform and reassure your contacts about the value of transacting in the current market.

      We’ll look at messaging, targeting audiences to win more listings and the resources to ensure you sound knowledgeable, helpful and professional. Plus, we’ll look at how to interpret the data from your campaigns and incorporate those insights into phone call scripts and dialogues.

      Getting Started: Agents

      This webinar guides you through the setup and application of ActivePipe as a single user. See how you can utilise ActivePipe to streamline your email communications and benefit your business.

      Every day 10:00 AEDT

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      Fuelling your Growth Engine

      The end of financial year is quickly approaching! It’s time to start revving your growth engine and leave your competitors in the dust.

      In this session, Josh Phegan takes us through how to plan and deliver on explosive growth for the next financial year.

      – How to navigate turbulent markets.
      – How to Increase average sale price, fee, & volume of transactions.
      – How to sell confidence to encourage both buyers and sellers.

      Transform your Email Marketing with Automation

      When combined with automation, email marketing can be one of your biggest weapons.

      In this webinar, Host Kylie Davis will take you through how to spend less time at the desk and more time out on the field converting leads with automation.

      Come along and get insights on:
      – How to make life easier with automation
      – How to leverage content to be the expert
      – How to increase the quality of your leads

      How to Prevent Lead Loss

      Each year, agents lose millions in commission. All the while, their databases are filled with future business opportunities waiting to be uncovered.

      In this webinar, Kylie Davis, author of the Email Marketing Benchmark Report, will outline how to prevent lead loss. 

      We’ll cover:

      1. How to save time using email automation
      2. How to identify leads in your database
      3. How to build long-lasting relationships with past clients


      How To Build Sales Momentum with Josh Phegan

      Creating effective habits and sales methodologies is the difference between winning and losing.

      In this webinar, world renowned Real Estate Coach Josh Phegan will share his strategies for building sales momentum and getting the most out of every opportunity.

      Josh will cover:

        • How to navigate wild markets
        • How to convert more when prospecting
        • How to win more listings at the first appointment 

      How To Skyrocket Your Leads Using Email Marketing

      One of the biggest challenges in real estate is generating leads.

      That’s why we’ve asked Kylie Davis, author of the Email Marketing Benchmark Report to get specific on how to increase the volume of leads you generate from Email Marketing.

      Join Kylie for a 45 minute workshop, where you will learn how to make your emails more interesting and get more leads.

      In this webinar you will learn:

      1.  How to tap into your audience preferences
      2. Ways to hyper-personalise your content
      3. Tips to improve overall engagement in your emails

      Email Marketing Benchmarks 2022

      The recently published Email Marketing Benchmark Report reveals new insights into how well the real estate industry performs when it comes to email marketing.

      The report draws on 12 months of data collected directly from ActivePipe to identify what good looks like and offer best practice strategies.

      In this webinar, author Kylie Davis will take you through how you can measure your own email marketing efforts, see how you compare and offer some simple tips to drive even better results in 2022.


      Finding Buyers in your Database

      Your ActivePipe dashboard is full of powerful insights about your contacts.These insights can be pivotal to closing your next transaction, understanding what they mean will give you a clearer picture of what each of your contacts property objectives. In this webinar, Head of Customer Success, Henry Osborne will take you through how you can make most of the reporting available to you in your ActivePipe dashboard.

       We’ll cover:

      1. How to identify a buyer hit list via the contact interaction panel
      2. How to navigate property interaction
      3. How to identify contact intentions

      Every Monday 10:00 AM AEDT

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      Keep your prospects engaged over Christmas

      As we head into the Christmas period, you are probably ready for some well earned R&R. But how can you relax without taking your foot off the pedal? Research from shows that the end of the year is a great time to sell property with record web visitors each New Year.  Real estate marketing expert Kylie Davis will take you through what you should be doing to get your prospects geared up for 2022.

      We’ll look at:

      1. Why this new year period is expected to be busy
      2. Ways to keep nurturing sellers even while you’re on the beach
      3. How to leverage content to help you win new year listings

      Finding Sellers in your Database

      Your ActivePipe dashboard is full of powerful insights about your contacts.These insights can be pivotal to closing your next transaction, understanding what they mean will give you a clearer picture of what each of your contacts property objectives. In this webinar, Head of Customer Success, Henry Osborne will take you through how you can make most of the reporting available to you in your ActivePipe dashboard. 

      We’ll cover:

      • Contact Intent & Profile
      • Inspection & Appraisal Requests
      • High Value contacts & Contact Updates

      Every Tuesday 10:00 AM AEDT

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      Turbo Charge your Listing Strategy with Buyer Campaigns

      Despite being one of the biggest segments in an agent’s database, buyers are often hugely neglected in the property market.

      Current buyers are future sellers, therefore, creating a customer journey that caters to buyers is a great way to scale your listing strategy. In our upcoming webinar, Real Estate Marketing expert Kylie Davis will share some tips on how to create an action plan for the buyers in your database. 

      We’ll cover:
      1. How to enable buyers with technology
      2. How to create a buyer hit list with automated market reports & content
      3. How to identify new seller leads from buyers & past clients