Sharpen Your Tools For The Summer Surge

As many states around Australia come out of lockdown, the market is set to surge throughout the summer months. Now is the time to get your systems and processes dialled in so that when the properties hit the market with full force, you are in the best possible position to capitalise.In this webinar,  renowned sales coach Josh Phegan will share his strategies on how to set up your systems & processes to do all the heavy lifting. You’ll learn:

  1. How to use digital intent to facilitate client relationships
  2. Personalise at scale to convert at a higher rate
  3. Set up future opportunities within your pipeline

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18th October 11:15 AM AEST

Grow New Product Release!

Most real estate agencies have millions in untapped commission sitting in their contact databases. However, only a small percentage of people are ready to transact right now.

So how do you identify and activate the opportunities in your pipeline?

Introducing ActivePipe’s most powerful product yet: Grow

Head of Client Success, Henry Osborne will take you through a demonstration of the new Grow product and all the incredible things you can do with it!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

1. Keep your leads warm with automated email nurturing
2. Provide your clients with the latest market updates
3. Deliver relevant content from our content library

Industry Update: What does Apple’s Privacy Protection mean for your email marketing?

Apple announced Mail Privacy Protection for their Mail app in September as part of a broader strategy to protect their users. This is going to affect your ActivePipe account particularly open rates reporting and campaign triggered by email opens.
In this webinar, ActivePipe’s CEO Ashley Farrugia and Product Manager Nathan Mackinnon will take you through how we will tackle this change so that the impact on our users is minimal.

We’ll cover:
1. What the changes are and what it means for email marketing
2. How it will impact your use of the ActivePipe platform
3. Our strategy on how we will adapt to these changes

Email Marketing Do’s And Don’ts

Ever wondered what your clients really think of your emails? We ran an experiment with real people in the property market to find out, and it was eye-opening! In this webinar, author of The Trust Report, Kylie Davis will take you through the big insights we uncovered about what works & doesn’t work in email marketing.  What’s covered:

  • What emails people loved
  • What to avoid in your emails
  • What types of emails you should be sending

How to create Targeted Emails

In this webinar, Head of Customer Success, Henry Osborne will take you through how you can stand out from your competitors with just a few small changes in your ActivePipe emails.

What’s Covered:

  • How to create dynamically personalised emails
  • How to send properties and content according to your clients requirements and location
  • How to keep your clients preferences updated as they progress through the property journey

When: Every Wednesday at 11am AEST

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What clients expect from agents

In this webinar, author of The Trust Report, Kylie Davis will take you through what the research uncovered about this critical moment, and the implications it can have for winning and retaining clients.

We’ll cover:

– Why people give agents their emails
– What people expect from agents
– How to exceed expectations and gain lifelong clients

Don’t use a CRM? New features just for you!

Don’t have a CRM? No worries! Our latest feature updates are all about improving the power of ActivePipe for those who don’t use a CRM.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate the new features that are live in your account and show you how you can use them to do best practice email marketing and get better results.
Come along as we show you how to:

1. Identify your high quality buyers with property feedback surveys
2. Send emails that match your clients preferences with new buyer preference capabilities
3. Set up powerful ‘Just Listed Alerts’ campaign to notify your buyers of new properties on the market

How People Choose A Real Estate Agent

This webinar will dive into the key insights from our recent research study, The Trust Report. We will answer the following:

  • How do people seek out real estate information?
  • What factors influence how people choose an agent?
  • What drives loyalty?

This is the first in a series of webinars breaking down the research study into lessons agents can learn from.

How to Make Your Business Lockdown-Proof

Markets fluctuate. Lockdowns happen. What differentiates you is your ability to adapt and focus on what you can control over what you can’t

In this webinar, we take you through how to use email marketing to get on top and stay there, no matter what the market throws at you.

Get strategies on:

  • Winning listings by focusing on contacts showing digital intent
  • Keeping your prospects & past clients engaged with targeted content
  • Booking private inspections and setting yourself up for the boom when restrictions lift

Engaging buyers & sellers with Local Suburb Guides – powered by REINZ

Engaging buyers & sellers with Local Suburb Guides – powered by REINZDescriptionThe key to a great marketing campaign is to engage your buyers and sellers early.

Watch ActivePipe’s, Kylie Davis for this free webinar where we will uncover the four key pieces of information that buyers and sellers expect their real estate agent to share with them. Learn how to use the Local Suburb Guides, powered by REINZ, to amplify your marketing campaigns.

Whats covered:

1. What buyers and sellers want to know – ActivePipe research
2. Local Suburb Guides and what they show
3. Key insights from the Skills Gap about digital marketing struggles for agents
4. How to use the Local Suburb Guides in your marketing

The Digital Marketing Secrets of Top Performing Agents

How do top real estate performers use digital marketing to get better results?

A new report by ActivePipe – Digital Marketing in Real Estate 2021 – identified the behaviours of top performing agents and looked at the ways agents typically market themselves. The research uncovered a knowledge gap amongst agents; namely how to make digital marketing work for them instead of draining energy and time.

In this webinar, report author Kylie Davis will reveal the key findings of the research and step you through how to set up your own top agent marketing strategy.

How Top Agents Are Made

We uncovered some insights in our Digital Marketing Research Report and we’re continuing to explore the strategies used by top agents with world renowned real estate coach Josh Phegan. How can two agents work the same hours each week, yet one dominates and the other stays on struggle street? It comes down to winning routines, going all-in on great systems and getting in front of customers. These are the best set of conditions to be a great agent and can put you on a fast track to success.

In this webinar, Josh takes us through the best set of conditions to be a great agent.

3 Ways To Use Content To Capture More Clients

How can you use content to generate more leads and create memorable experiences for your clients?

In this masterclass, we’ll look at how to map out customer journeys, the best ways to use the different digital marketing channels and how to use content to help you win more listings. This is a must-attend webinar if you want to improve your email marketing success.

Kylie Davis is an email marketing and data expert and author of the Scalable Agent report for ActivePipe.

2021 starts now with Josh Phegan

With less than 50 days left in the year, now is the time to create your plan of attack for 2021.

Join us for an exclusive training session with Real Estate coach Josh Phegan to master your 2021! 

In this 45 min training session, Josh will cover: 

  • How to list now for 2021 and overcome the delay tactics.
  • What to do to sell your existing stock.
  • Branding, marketing and positioning you to win more business.
  • How to master marketing in the experience and prediction economy.

Amy Tennant

David Harbord

Phil Boyle

Karen Bryant

ActivePipe is a breath of fresh air! We no longer have to rely on our Reps to communicate regularly with their database. Once switched on, it is almost set and forget. ActivePipe automatically welcomes their new clients the moment they are entered into our CRM and then goes to work behind the scenes to gather their preferences and keep them up to date based on what they are interested in. Clients that engage or are active are categorised and highlighted on the Dashboard for our Reps to connect with. ActivePipe is one of the best real estate platforms I have seen in a long time. Very clever indeed. Thank you!

How to market your listing when you can’t access the property

Professional looking photography can make or break a property sale.

Real Estate agents in Victoria under strict Stage 4 restrictions are not able to get photographers into properties, therefore making listing properties on the market especially difficult.

Luckily this problem has an elegantly simple solution.

In this session, Peter from BoxBrownie joined us to guide you on how you can have the homeowner take professional-quality property shots on your behalf, with only a smartphone!

Mastering The ‘Off-Market Campaign’

With growing economic uncertainty in Victoria, it is safe to assume that cash is, and will continue to be tight for the next 6 to 12 months.

Sellers won’t want to spend big on marketing, so providing an off-market strategy should be an essential part of every agent’s toolkit.

In this session, we’ll run through how you can utilise ActivePipe to secure off-market listings, and how to promote those listings to your targeted audiences.

We’ll also take you through a few tips and tricks for getting better engagement in each of your emails!

How to find the right buyers

With historically low interest rates it’s a great time to be a property buyer right now. But how do you sort the wheat from the chaff, and find buyers that are willing to purchase with strict lockdown conditions? Investors.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to build campaigns to nurture the investors in your database and start generating the right kind of buyer leads.

The New Era – The rise of the digital offline agent

Josh Phegan joined us for a bonus session as a part of our 30 Day Challenge initiative in the lead up to the Spring market.

Josh is a world-renowned real estate trainer, supporting some of the industry’s best agents. Enjoy this free 45-minute session that’s packed full of value.

During this session Josh covers:

  • The new era – the age of safety and performance
  • Human learning and what you can do to maximise client relationships.
  • The power of your customer base.
  • How digital intent drives offline activities for the best in the business.
  • What to look for and how to capitalise on the trends that are reshaping the world in the post COVID era.

Set yourself up with a pipeline of sellers

Building a robust pipeline is essential to ensuring consistent business growth, as well as maintaining your business in a period of lower market activity.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how to engage the potential sellers in your database so that when listings start to shoot back up, you are in a position to grab the opportunity.

Why engaging with your database is critical right now

With a complete shut down in Victoria and slower moving markets in other states, there’s never been a better time to take back control.

In this webinar, we discussed why cleaning up your database and providing relevant information to your audience in a time of few listings, is critical to your business growth in the near future.

Insights from New Zealand with Gower Buchanan

Data from New Zealand, the UK, and the UAE have shown that post lockdown, banked up listings hit the market, and activity skyrocketed. In this webinar, we’ll be chatting with Gower to gain insight into how New Zealand’s market rebounded and how he’s preparing for Spring.