The Digital Marketing Secrets of Top Performing Agents

How do top real estate performers use digital marketing to get better results?

A new report by ActivePipe – Digital Marketing in Real Estate 2021 – identified the behaviours of top performing agents and looked at the ways agents typically market themselves. The research uncovered a knowledge gap amongst agents; namely how to make digital marketing work for them instead of draining energy and time.

In this webinar, report author Kylie Davis will reveal the key findings of the research and step you through how to set up your own top agent marketing strategy.

How Top Agents Are Made

We uncovered some insights in our Digital Marketing Research Report and we’re continuing to explore the strategies used by top agents with world renowned real estate coach Josh Phegan. How can two agents work the same hours each week, yet one dominates and the other stays on struggle street? It comes down to winning routines, going all-in on great systems and getting in front of customers. These are the best set of conditions to be a great agent and can put you on a fast track to success.

In this webinar, Josh takes us through the best set of conditions to be a great agent.

Cloze & ActivePipe: Enabling Ninja Brokerages

In this webinar, Aaron Lincoff, Director of Business Development at ActivePipe, and Alex Coté, Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder at Cloze, sit down with Tamy Gluck and Talita Fagerstrom from Soleil Sotheby’s International Realty. We discuss how they use both tools to enable their agents and brokerage, namely how they use both to help their agents be more productive, get rid of manual work, and stay true to their Ninja roots. If you’re a high-performing brokerage, you’ll definitely want to watch this!

The Future of Real Estate Marketing

In this panel, Joe Manning, Chief Marketing Technology Officer at BHHS Drysdale and Aaron Lincoff, Director of Business Development at ActivePipe, discuss the future of real estate marketing and how you and your brokerage can navigate a post-pandemic world. You definitely don’t want to miss out!

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