Margie Knaap

“Logging in for a daily perusal of ActivePipe is key”

A Word from… The CRM Manager

Margie Knaap knows how to run a winning database. As the CRM Manager at Ray White Lower North Shore she’s at the forefront of keeping agents efficient and effective through the everyday “busy” of their business and for ensuring that they’re making the most of their ActivePipe account.

We caught up with Margie to get an insider perspective on what differentiates a “good” ActivePipe user from a “great” one.

Here’s what she had to say…

How would you describe ActivePipe to agents who haven’t used it before?

ActivePipe is a fantastic platform that compliments a CRM to help with the marketing of a property. It allows you to track and identify what listings your contacts are engaging and interacting with and gives you insight into a contact’s movements in and around the area they reside in. It also allows you to discover what types of properties they are looking for (number of bedrooms/cars/bathrooms) and whether they are investors, downsizers, upsizers or first home buyers!

What is it that makes an ActivePipe user successful?

Logging in for a daily perusal of ActivePipe is key.

It might sound simple but make sure you are using the information that you learn about the contact from the platform when giving them a call. There is so much to discover on the dashboard, don’t let it go to waste!

Also, make sure that whatever notes you make get put back into your CRM so that there is a good track record of intel for other salespeople to see.

Finally, always keep contact information updated.

What feedback do you hear from your team about ActivePipe?

Those who use it well, speak very highly of the system. They love all the info that they can see and gain from ActivePipe!

We need to keep reminding some of them that if they use it to its full capacity, they wouldn’t believe how much value they would gain.

Key Takeaways

Log in, log in, log in…

Use the data ActivePipe gives you when making a call so you can have conversations that sell

Keep your database as clean as possible

Thanks Margie!