Jodie Burley

“ActivePipe has been critical for our business when it comes to prospecting.”

Buxton Ballarat ranked 1st out of REB’s Top 50 Sales Offices for 2021, Jodie is their Office Manager and is also in charge of their marketing.

Here’s some of what she had to say about how ActivePipe has impacted their business so far!

“I was working at Buxton when we brought in ActivePipe. One of the things we that wanted ActivePipe to do was to take over the weekly email blast. We wanted to make sure that it would integrate with our CRM, Box & Dice. Because of the great engagement we have with our clients in Ballarat, we wanted to make sure we were capturing that information from the email – who was opening it and looking at properties.”

“Prior to ActivePipe I was managing the marketing for agents when we were doing more letter box drops, doing sponsorships and engagements with local sports clubs. We still do that stuff but now with digital marketing taking off that’s been a big focus for us.”

“With the systems that we use, Box & Dice connected into ActivePipe, it’s amazing when it comes to prospect matching. So if you’ve got someone on the phone, they tell you how much they want to spend and what area they’re looking in, you can put that information in straight away and a property will pop up with what we’ve got for sale matching their criteria.
They then get an email every week with our properties that are in their area of interest and that are similar to the types of properties that they’re interested in – so it prompts them to contact us, as well as us contacting them. So that side of ActivePipe has been critical for our business when it comes to prospecting.”