What You Should Be Saying To Your Profile Updates

What You Should Be Saying To Your Profile Updates

We’ve said it before but failing to follow up a contact’s response to a data hygiene survey is like giving away the answer to a $10,000 dollar question.

Our survey was developed to give agents insight into their client’s intentions months ahead of their competition. The survey helps agents focus their attention on hot buyers and sellers based on their specific property needs.

Every person who completes the survey deserves to be followed up and each phone call should be strategically executed.

Here are some scripts every agent can use to kick start conversation and cross- promote their services.

The Upsizer/ Downsizer:

The benefit of this is obvious. If a person is upsizing or downsizing they are moving from one household to another and therefore, probably have a property to sell. Ask them about it and let them know about the list of buyers looking for a home like theirs.

“Hi David,

Thank you for letting me know about your plans to downsize. I’d be happy to show you some of the three-bedroom homes we have available, some are even open this weekend.

If you don’t mind me asking, what are your plans for 263 Victoria Street Greenvale? Do you need to sell this property before you can buy the next one? We have loads of buyers interested in larger homes and I am sure we could generate some immediate interest if you intend to sell. How about I visit and give you an updated estimate of sale price?

Perhaps you are planning to keep that property as an investment? If that is the case, let me introduce you to our property management team for an update on your current home’s rental potential.”

The Investor:

If you play your cards right, investors can be hugely profitable contacts. They may have a whole suite of properties in their portfolio and are habitual buyers and sellers. The relationship you want to promote here is long term.

“Hi David,

Thank you for letting me know about your intention to invest.

Are you expanding your portfolio or is this a first time investment?

I’d like to introduce you to our financial broker Harry and our property manager Lucy.

Our collective expertise will help you succeed in the current investment market.

We also have several outstanding investment properties for sale including x, y and z. We’d be happy to show you through this weekend if you are available”

The First Homebuyer:

The first homebuyer is enthusiastic about their first purchase. They’re also inexperienced and are looking for guidance to navigate the world of real estate. First homebuyers will have hundreds of questions and will probably need financial advice.

“Hi David,

Congratulations on the decision to purchase your first home. We understand how daunting the process can be and look forward to helping you every step of the way.

There are some incredible opportunities to review this weekend at x, y and z.

If you don’t mind me asking, what is the state of your deposit? Do you need any help with your finances?

Booking a consultation with our broker will put you in the best position to purchase your first home“

Alison Vella
Ali is an experienced copywriter with a passion for creative writing. She says writing great copy is about writing like you speak and can be found rambling at her desk like an absolute lunatic. Out of the office, Ali runs her own career and lifestyle blog and freelance writes for a number of online publications.