Making An Impact With Personalisation

Making An Impact With Personalisation

After ten years in senior marketing roles at some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest companies, I have recently joined the team at ActivePipe as Chief Marketing Officer.

Moving from NAB, a corporate environment which employs thousands of people to a comparatively small tech company has been a real eye-opener.

After years of strict procedure, I can now exercise the creative freedom and strategic direction I used to enjoy when I worked at agencies and as a freelance marketer.

Coming into the position, my understanding was that ActivePipe was a marketing automation platform that worked as a digital rolodex, sending emails on a real estate agent’s behalf.

I’ve since discovered that it does a whole lot more than that.

From a marketing perspective, ActivePipe nurtures contacts, fosters relationships and generates qualified leads which result in more sales for the agent.

How does it do this?

With personalisation.

What is personalisation?

Simply put, personalisation is a marketing strategy that uses digital insight to learn about a contact and deliver individualised content. This provides a more fulfilling experience for the customer, building a relationship that will make them more likely to do business with you.

The more you know about your contact, the easier it is to connect with them on an emotional level.

In my experience, personalisation’s data-driven approach means that you can take a piece of information and turn it into valuable content delivered to a specific customer, right when they need it.

This humanises your business, creating an impression of authenticity and a simultaneous sense of community and individuality.

That’s some pretty powerful stuff and can make a massive difference to your bottomline.

How does ActivePipe Implement Personalisation?

The last couple of weeks have got me thinking about how ActivePipe puts the basic theories of personalisation into action.

  • It uses a survey to engage with contacts and prompt them to divulge their intentions, using the data to target them with real estate content that interests them.
  • It is interactive, meaning that emails are triggered by a recipient’s behaviour. Once that recipient is engaged, they will receive useful reminders of upcoming events such as an OFI or auction.
  • It sends agents detailed reports that tell them who is active and interested in the properties they have for sale. This means they can waste less time cold calling and spend more time speaking to people who want to hear from them.

In a nutshell, ActivePipe allows agents to better connect with leads and foster personal relationships with their contacts at scale.

That’s just a start.

The team is always looking at new ways to expand ActivePipe’s capabilities.

They have a lot of creative and innovative ideas in the works which will tailor an even more personalised experience for you.

I’m excited to get behind them and start my ActivePipe journey.

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Clarke Stewart
Responsible for the implementation and support of ActivePipe’s promotional efforts, Clarke is constantly exposed to all facets of the business, giving him a unique understanding of what goes into creating and utilising industry leading marketing technology. When he’s not busy getting ActivePipe’s name out into the world, you’ll find him either shooting hoops or surfing somewhere along Victoria’s expansive coastline.