Somebody Just Unsubscribed – That’s GREAT!

We know you have been working hard on building your contacts, so why on earth would we say having people unsubscribe can be a good thing? First off, let us say, it’s going to happen. Everyone gets people that unsubscribe from their email communications, so you need to make sure you are not taking it personally. A contact that doesn’t want to hear from you is hardly your ideal buyer or seller!

Laying the foundations now to win new listings in the future

While it’s easy to be most concerned with the present and trying to gain new listings for the immediate future, it’s also worth thinking about winning new listings in three, five or ten years down the track.
It’s very easy to put this type of strategy on the backburner because there are more pressing matters for your real estate business, but running a life cycle marketing campaign to keep in touch with future vendors can pay off in two ways.
First of all – here’s what you can do to win future listings…

Embracing change and new technology in the real estate industry

There is a lot of talk in the real estate industry about technology and how necessary it is. Is it the best thing since sliced bread or does it just take all the credit for good old-fashioned hard work?
There are old school real estate gurus who have been in the business since safari suits were cool, who swear that all you need is a phone and a rolodex to sell property. But wait… there’s more!