How to create a campaign (SEND)

Video Transcript:

We’re logged into ActivePipe SEND as an agent and we’re going to look at creating a campaign.
So I’ve just clicked on the campaign’s menu here on the left, and then we’re going to click on create campaign.

Give your campaign a name, and then we’re given three parameters that we need to set to send off this communication.
The first is our audience if you’re integrated or you’ve created audiences within an ActivePipe if you’re not integrated they’ll appear here you can choose one or several of your audiences or categories, or you can choose all subscribers.

The next parameter to set is when we want to send this communication out, so we can either do “now” as soon as we’ve completed setting up our campaign, or you can choose any date and time in the future with the really simple date and time picker.

The last parameter to set is what we’re sending out, so once you’ve built an email you’ll see them appear in you drop down here. So just choose the applicable email and that’s it.

All you need to do then is click Save to save it as a draft to come back to later, or click Save and activate to schedule your campaign to go out at the date and time you have allocated.