Create your first email with ActivePipe

Video Transcript:

Here we’re going to show you just how quick and simple it is to create a new email in your ActivePipe account

So I’ve come into my account and I’ve clicked on the emails menu here and now we’re going to click on create new email

That’ll take you through to your template selection page, all of your templates will be in your branding  

These will be the basis for you to use and build upon so just choose the one that looks the closest to what you think you want to build and click on that to select it

Give your email a name it’s just an internal reference

Click continue to come through to the email building page

Now there’s a lot of options available to you here,  a lot of flexibility and customization available so come in here and have a play, see what you can create, you can’t break anything so just have a have a look around and see what you can create

I’ll show you some of the basics, first of all the subject is what your contacts will see in their inbox so make sure that that is relevant then

You can see this is our base template, now all of the options you can see here on the right hand side, these panels are available to use just depending on what you want

To build and to use one you just pick it up and drop it in it’s all drag-and-drop

So I’m just going to show you how quick and simple it is to build up a nice mobile responsive email

Pop in a line and perhaps your social media links so you can see here very quickly I’ve built up a fairly decent email in terms of content

Now all of these panels are editable so click on one to make it active and then you can change that to whatever you like

With the text you can copy and paste from another source so I’ve just done that to show you how quick and simple it is

With images if I click on this panel you can see there’s a camera icon, if I click on that you can upload whichever image you’d like to utilize in this case

Just click on the upload image locator on your local computer and ActivePipe  will upload it to your account for you

Then just click on it to select it and that’ll pull it through to your template

So once you’ve built some content and you want to see how it’s going to look to your contacts click on the preview button here on the right-hand side and you’ll see how it looks on a desktop and you can also toggle over to a mobile responsive version

You can send a preview to whoever you like just put in their email address there and click send now

And once you’re happy with the preview just click done

So that is as simple as it is to create an email all you need to do at this point is click Save to save that to your account and you can come back to that and reuse it, edit it. It’s basically like a template from there forward  

So we do have a tutorial that goes through all the panel options in more detail there’s a lot of flexibility within each panel so check that out once you’ve got a handle on the basics

But like I said just get into your account have a play see what you can create in here

It’s really quick and simple.