Ebany’s Top 5 Tips for Getting Started with ActivePipe

“You’ve just got to jump in and have a swim around.”

That was the advice from one of our happy clients, Reece Prewett, when asked what he’d tell other agents and principals thinking about giving ActivePipe a go.

I completely agree with Reece, but I also believe that to make the best of your time in the water you need a few lane ropes around to help keep you on track.

No matter what, if you’re willing to try something new, ActivePipe will revolutionise your business; start your journey right  and you’ll ensure that your results are supercharged and that you see them quick stat.

Here are my top five tips for getting off on the right foot as you begin your new life landing infinite leads, saving hours in your week and creating customers that will come back to you time and time again.

Gotta Start Somewhere

Login! This is where Reece’s advice really rings true. ActivePipe is designed to be easy and fun, so the first thing you should do is have a poke around. Try building an email. You can drag and drop images, text, and even content from other people’s websites. Practice your skills without the worry of breaking anything. If you build something fun, send it to yourself or a friend to see the finished result!

Get Your CRM in Check

This is a great excuse to consolidate. Do you have a notebook somewhere with a list of contacts you never got round to entering into your database? Or perhaps your phone is full of names you’ve collected out in the field that never made it to the desktop? Well, this is the time to sort it out. Get every name you can into the system so that ActivePipe can start discovering their buying and selling intentions.

Play the Name Game

Don’t settle for Mr and Mrs. As much as possible, try and get hold of first names too. This is important for the open rate of your emails. It’s accepted across the board that people will notice and respond best to emails that are personalised with their first name. The beauty of ActivePipe is that as long as that name is entered, the platform will do the hard work and personalise your emails for you.


Clean up your data by making sure all your contacts have been assigned. You know that amazing feeling you get after a big spring tidy up? That’s how good you’re going to feel once you’ve organised your database. Make sure duplicates are deleted for that extra squeaky clean goodness.

Get Creative

If a contact is receiving emails from you, chances are they’re receiving material from other agents too. When you think about how many emails, messages and newsfeeds pass in front of our eyes each day, it’s no surprise that even the most well-intentioned send can slip through the cracks, never to be seen again. Give yourself the best chance of standing out from the crowd by getting your head into ‘creative mode’. Start thinking of interesting and original ways to get your message to your audience. Google trending topics, .gifs, upcoming entertainment in your area and anything else you can think of that might catch and hold attention. Have fun with it!

What Next?

Now that you’re getting comfortable and have sent a few campaigns out, why not log into our training centre and watch our short tips and tricks videos which will help you become an ActivePipe pro with a pile of listings you’re colleagues will be envious of.


Geo Updates: Locate Your Next Listing

Ring Ring

Who’s there?

It’s Andrew

Andrew who?

Andrew, I’m from Newtown Real Estate, I’m calling because I wanted to enquire and find out how long you’ve been in your current house and offer you my service as an agent.

Hello? Are you there … Hello?


Cold, Hard Calls

We can all sympathise with Andrew in this situation.

No one likes cold calling. Certainly not the person calling. Often, the person who is being called will switch off or hang up (or worse) before they take the time find out what the caller has to say.

Thankfully, technology in the the 21st Century offers new ways to reach the customers who need your services, while avoiding the customers who don’t.


The Geo Updates

We have just improved the popular ActivePipe Geo Updates tool to make it easier for you to see when an address has been added to a contact’s profile.

This adds oodles of value to your database by giving you:

  • Certainty that a contact is interested
  • Early insight into how your contact is going to act
  • A cleaner, healthier database
  • Easy access to updates

Geo Updates is the lightweight tool that makes it simple for you to reap all of these benefits with minimal effort.


Certified Interest

To avoid polluting your database with contacts who are not in the market, we employ a very simple technique.

Invite them in.

The trick is there are no tricks!

Geo Updates works with our Data Discovery, which is successful because it is upfront and updates the information of actual, high-value contacts.

The simple survey makes the process quick and simple for the person filling it out. They are encouraged to offer up their address in exchange for local property info that’s tailored to their interests.


Early Bird Insights

An address is what we call rich info.

Rich info is a tiny piece of data that can tell you a big story.

Rich info like an address doesn’t only let you know where a person is. It gives you an idea of where they want to go and how they want to get there.

We can plot your contact on a map and see when they’re looking at sold properties in their local area, which would mean they’re probably self-appraising. When a contact is looking at properties which are the magic distance from their house (about 7km) it means they’re thinking of buying in that area.

Even better, you don’t have to spend time looking at clusters of properties on a map (we have a feature that does that for you too). ActivePipe takes the guesswork out of your database and makes it easy to find the contacts you should be talking to right now.


Makes Your Job even Easier!

Any ActivePipe ENTERPRISE user can find out which contacts have recently updated their address by clicking the Geo Updates widget on their Dashboard.

ENTERPRISE users get to enjoy the spare time and stronger relationships that Geo Updates offers them. Use the rich info from Geo Updates to find the qualified leads and start meaningful conversations.


Ring Ring

Who’s there?

Hi Bill, it’s Andrew from Newtown.

You again!?

I know you’re busy Bill, but I thought it might interest you to know that two properties in your street sold for $1.2 million this month.

Really? I didn’t think they would be worth that much.

The market is strong at the moment. People in your area are very interested in valuation.

You know what Andrew, that is very interesting indeed …



This feature is a tool for users with the ActivePipe ENTERPRISE product. If you are unsure about which product you are using, please contact support and let us assist you.


Like this feature? See how the ActivePipe Contact Intent feature uses Geo Updates to help you build the database of the future!

Contact Intent: Building the Database of the Future

Why do agents go through the effort of surveys, cold calls and chasing people down for face-to-face conversations?

It’s not for fun.

Back in the old pen and paper days this was the only way to grab essential information about your contacts. While these methods are still important, they need to be enhanced with something extra if you’re going to be Agent #1 in the modern market.

Our new and improved Contact Intent feature is the powerful solution that gives you up-to-date insight into what your contacts are going to do next.

Contact Intent predicts your contact’s behaviour and displays easy-to-read tags so that you know exactly what to do next.

The different Contact Intent tags are:

  • Upsizer
  • Downsizer
  • First Home Buyer
  • Investor
  • Loan Lead
  • Potential Seller

Easy to Use

The tags are super straightforward and easy to use.

For example, if a contact has an Investor tag, you know they are worth chasing for the property management side of your business, while the Potential Seller tag helps you beat other agents to new properties before they go on the market.

Eventually you’re going to wonder how you ever lived without this information. That’s why Intent tag summaries appear on the Dashboard as soon as you log in.

From there, you can view a list of contacts who belong to each category.

It’s simple: Just click on any tag.

From there, you can click on any Contact Intent tag to see which contacts belong in each group.

This gives you a foothold for the type of relevant and personal conversations that add value to your database.

How do we do it?

These tags are our secret herbs and spices, so we can’t exactly tell you the recipe.

What we can tell you is that ActivePipe has recorded over a billion contact interactions. By using machine learning to identify your contacts behaviour, we prioritise the leads that put you in touch with the right contacts at the right time. This way you have more room in your busy schedule to have quality conversations that are so important for developing your personal brand.

The information from Contact Intent updates every 12 hours, so that you know you can act in confidence when it comes to your buyers, sellers and investors.

You always have the final say and full control over how your database is labeled and used with ActivePipe. In the end of the day, you’re the expert, so our software listens to you above all else.

The Takeaway

Modern technology gives agents the ability to understand their database like never before. It’s an exciting time, where agents have access to all sorts of tools that people could never have dreamed of in the past.

Jobs that once took hours now take mere seconds.

It’s no wonder more and more modern agents are using the modern tools to turn contacts into customers for life.

“How can I make myself an influencer to my staff, my peers and my database?”

Learn how you can turn yourself into an industry voice who people listen to!

“Is this feels like a glimpse into how my grandkids will be connecting with customers …”

Find out what has forward thinking agents buzzing!

Introducing, ActivePipe Webinars!

As an agent, it often feels like there aren’t enough hours in your day to chase listings, so how on earth are you going to find time to do training; an exercise that doesn’t provide any immediate returns?

Many ActivePipe employees were once agents themselves, so we know what it’s like to be strapped for time. We want you to be in the field as much as possible whilst still getting training that will put money in your pocket and make you more efficient in the long run. As a result, we have developed the ActivePipe Webinar Series, a training program that’s convenient for busy agents just like you.

All our webinars run between 10 and 30 minutes, so you can watch them when you have a spare moment later in the week!  

Here’s what you’ll gain just by tuning in.

Industry training

There are a number of different people in your office and each of them is at a very different stage in their career. As a result, their skillsets are as varied as their personalities, so you can’t expect them to have the same level of knowledge and provide the same service across the business. Through our webinars, new agents will not only learn about the ActivePipe system, but will gain valuable real estate tips and tricks as well. They’ll learn to use call lists to land their first listing, while your more experienced agents can scrub up on their prior training and find opportunities in their existing database.  

Start conversations

Discussing what everyone got out of the ActivePipe webinar at your morning sales meeting will motivate your team to be more innovative, proactive and creative in how they approach the day. Sure, they’ve been making sales in the past, but how can they start making more? Our webinars have lots of industry tips that show you how to target the right people, at the right time to generate more sales. It’s a great morale booster.

Cost effective

Where else can you find personal development training from an award-winning company that doesn’t cost a cent? You don’t even have to leave the office, so what do you have to lose?


Many of your staff won’t have a communications background so they won’t fully understand the concept of marketing and brand consistency. If they watch a 10 minute webinar and complete their training, you’ll find that touch points with your customers are more professional and better received.


Once your agents learn how to read their email reports, they will get a picture of what their contacts really want. We’ll show them how to focus on people who are active in the market, which will help them turn buyers into life-long customers. You’ll learn where the gold is, so all you have to do is dig.

At the end of the day, continuous learning is essential for real estate agents to thrive in their career. ActivePipe webinars are a free training tool that will help your staff find new ways to identify leads in their existing database making them far more efficient in the long term.

Check out our webinars  today, so that your agents have the best opportunity to succeed.


Using ActivePipe to Identify Buyers in a Tough Market

One of the most ubiquitous terms in real-estate is “the bubble”.

I have never subscribed to “bubble talk” but with the Sydney market slowing rapidly in the recent two months, I’ve noticed that buyer behaviour is changing, days on market are creeping up and auction clearance rates are dropping. This means Australian agents need to implement ‘falling market strategies’ to survive.

Signals of a bad market actually present themselves way before agents recognise them. In most cases, they’ll turn a blind eye to a “cold week” or a “slow month” and go back to focusing on working in the present with little thought or preparation for the future.

In times like this, buyers become a much more integral part of the selling process. Aside from the obvious reason of needing a buyer to complete a purchase, they also become very relevant to an agent’s ability to find new stock, educate vendors and bring properties to a saleable level.

Just because you perform well in a hot market, doesn’t mean you have the skills or grit to survive when the market gets tough. It’s survival of the fittest and those who adapt are going to earn well.

Don’t think that turning up the volume and increasing pressure on your clients is the answer. This only leads to ‘commission breath’, pushing buyers and sellers away.

There are plenty of ways to engage with your contacts in a tough market. Jason Hall from LJ Hooker Gungahlin told us that he uses ActivePipe to better connect with the clients that are ready to make a move based on their profile updates and engagement.

Through direct polling and behavioral interactions, ActivePipe helps you predict your contact’s next move. It harvests data on their engagement and sends personalised communications about the properties they’ve interacted with so you can stay front of mind when they decide to buy or sell.

Here are some tips on how to use ActivePipe to identify the best buyers in a slow market.


  1. Log into your ActivePipe dashboard and check out the intent panel  
  2. Click on the ‘Potential Sellers’ button. This will give you visibility over all the people in your dashboard whose behavior indicates they are on the path to selling.  
  3. Get familiar with clients who have updated their preferences in the ‘Intent Panel’. This will tell you who’s an upsizer, downsizer, first home buyer or investor.  
  4. Next click on the ‘Highly Active Users’ button. This is everyone in your database that is actively looking for a property, so you know they are ready for your call.  
  5. Check out the ‘Popular Properties’ section of your dashboard. This contains all the buyers that have been engaging with your stock and lists them in order of engagement. You’ll see a list of interested buyers ranked by how many times they have clicked on the property. Needless to say, the more they’ve clicked, the more likely to hand over the deposit.  

Be the intuitive agent who knows that relationships beat good tech but great tech boosts relationships to the next level. You’ll never have to worry about a falling market again.