How to Grab Attention in Your Contacts’ Inbox

You’re more likely to get high engagement from an eye-catching email that uses more images and fewer words.

ActivePipe Head of Design, Adam Boal, talks about the the importance of good design in real estate, becuase of how it can improve a customer’s feelings towards your communications and brand.

“Humans are highly visual creatures, and an image can call to mind all manner of emotions and responses.”

Basically, he’s saying a well designed email makes a good impression so that you can build a positive relationship with your contacts.

That’s why we’ve improved two new features to make it easier and quicker to customise your emails.

Turn every email into clickbait with Property Image Customisation and SmartFeeds Favourites!


Property Image Customisation

The Property panel can now be customised with different images.

Simply add a Property panel to an email and choose a property to display. Then, you can change the display image when you:

  1. Select a Property panel by clicking on it.
  2. Click the property icon: blue property icon. This will open the Image Library.
  3. Click on your preferred image to select it.


Add Extra Property Images

You are able to post multiple property images for a single listing when you use the feature Property panel.

To add more images, select the feature Property panel, then:

  1. Click on the options icon: green options menu icon. This will open the Options Window.
  2. In the Layout tab, click on the Additional Images drop list. Select the number of images you want to display.
  3. Click the Save button.

The Property panel will automatically load pictures for you. You can change these images if required.


Save Your Favourites

ActivePipe SmartFeeds makes it easy to share web content. SmartFeeds automatically loads an article title, description, image and a call-to-action button; designed to improve contact engagement with your emails.

Now, SmartFeeds Favourites allows you to save your most used websites and blogs so that it’s quicker to access articles the next time you’re building an email.

To add a favourite feed to your account:

  1. In the Feed Engine, type the URL (e.g., and hit enter.
  2. Select the ‘Add to favourites’ link. This will allow you to rename that feed.
  3. Hit enter to save.

This feed will now be saved to your account.

Favourite websites can be accessed anytime by opening the Feed Engine.


Try it for Yourself

Property Image Customisation and SmartFeeds Favourites are here to make your life easier. Login to ActivePipe now and create the beautiful emails that your contacts love to receive.

New Ways to Personalise, Locate, Engage, Automate

Imagine finishing a long hard day at work, going home, sitting down to your dinner, and spending a couple of hours sending emails.

If you’re an agent, you don’t have to imagine. That’s a reality.

For the ever-busy agent, we’ve put together a few simple tools that, when combined, will help you save hours of admin work without making you sacrifice quality relationships.

We’ve looked to the frontier of science to create new features that will help you cut through and get to your customers.

Better Results with Personalised Subject Lines

Have you ever had the experience where you’re talking to someone right in front of you, but you can’t ignore a conversation that someone is having on the other side of a crowded room?

Most people have.

This happens because of something called the cocktail party effect, where our brains can focus on sound to give us the info that’s most relevant to us.

A similar thing happens with your contact’s inbox.

The average person receives 90 emails per day.

Like you, your contacts are busy, and they are probably going to ignore a lot of their emails. Even if you’ve made an email with great content that they’ll love, you still need to make them open it.

That’s why we’ve now made it possible for you to include placeholders in your email subject lines.

Insert a contact’s first name in the subject line with placeholders and your email becomes the first thing they notice when they open their inbox.

Cut through all the noise when you learn how to use placeholders in subject lines.


Engage Your Vendors with Property Profiles

Computers do most things better than paper. Communication, time management, and admin have all become a million times easier and quicker with computers.

Still, there are some things which computers just can’t replace. Computers are distracting, and they can take away from the intimate professional relationship you have spent cultivating with your vendors.

Studies show that just thinking about your phone, even when it’s not around, can distract you from what you’re doing.

That’s why we’ve made your property profiles printer friendly. Your properties can now be turned into beautiful paper handouts, making them an invaluable resource.

Show your vendors how many people are interested in their property because of you and turn every vendor into a customer for life.


Pair Vendors and Buyers

Property is the most expensive purchase many people will make in their lifetime. The price makes buying property risky.

Experts in behavioural finance say that a thing called familiarity bias makes people avoid risk and become uncertain when it comes to investing.

This affects how you sell.

That’s why we’ve introduced location testing, which makes it so that people only receive properties in their local area or city.

By only serving familiar properties from the local area, you bypass the mental barriers that can block an otherwise sure thing!


Automate Your Welcome Emails

Sometimes we don’t need to use science and research to see what the market needs.

This new feature is just plain common sense.

When you upload your database into ActivePipe you can now automatically send a welcome email to all those contacts.

This will put you front of mind and start conversations with your database.

That’s more of an art than a science.

Let us show you how.



Geo Updates: Locate Your Next Listing

Ring Ring

Who’s there?

It’s Andrew

Andrew who?

Andrew, I’m from Newtown Real Estate, I’m calling because I wanted to enquire and find out how long you’ve been in your current house and offer you my service as an agent.

Hello? Are you there … Hello?


Cold, Hard Calls

We can all sympathise with Andrew in this situation.

No one likes cold calling. Certainly not the person calling. Often, the person who is being called will switch off or hang up (or worse) before they take the time find out what the caller has to say.

Thankfully, technology in the the 21st Century offers new ways to reach the customers who need your services, while avoiding the customers who don’t.


The Geo Updates

We have just improved the popular ActivePipe Geo Updates tool to make it easier for you to see when an address has been added to a contact’s profile.

This adds oodles of value to your database by giving you:

  • Certainty that a contact is interested
  • Early insight into how your contact is going to act
  • A cleaner, healthier database
  • Easy access to updates

Geo Updates is the lightweight tool that makes it simple for you to reap all of these benefits with minimal effort.


Certified Interest

To avoid polluting your database with contacts who are not in the market, we employ a very simple technique.

Invite them in.

The trick is there are no tricks!

Geo Updates works with our Data Discovery, which is successful because it is upfront and updates the information of actual, high-value contacts.

The simple survey makes the process quick and simple for the person filling it out. They are encouraged to offer up their address in exchange for local property info that’s tailored to their interests.


Early Bird Insights

An address is what we call rich info.

Rich info is a tiny piece of data that can tell you a big story.

Rich info like an address doesn’t only let you know where a person is. It gives you an idea of where they want to go and how they want to get there.

We can plot your contact on a map and see when they’re looking at sold properties in their local area, which would mean they’re probably self-appraising. When a contact is looking at properties which are the magic distance from their house (about 7km) it means they’re thinking of buying in that area.

Even better, you don’t have to spend time looking at clusters of properties on a map (we have a feature that does that for you too). ActivePipe takes the guesswork out of your database and makes it easy to find the contacts you should be talking to right now.


Makes Your Job even Easier!

Any ActivePipe ENTERPRISE user can find out which contacts have recently updated their address by clicking the Geo Updates widget on their Dashboard.

ENTERPRISE users get to enjoy the spare time and stronger relationships that Geo Updates offers them. Use the rich info from Geo Updates to find the qualified leads and start meaningful conversations.


Ring Ring

Who’s there?

Hi Bill, it’s Andrew from Newtown.

You again!?

I know you’re busy Bill, but I thought it might interest you to know that two properties in your street sold for $1.2 million this month.

Really? I didn’t think they would be worth that much.

The market is strong at the moment. People in your area are very interested in valuation.

You know what Andrew, that is very interesting indeed …



This feature is a tool for users with the ActivePipe ENTERPRISE product. If you are unsure about which product you are using, please contact support and let us assist you.


Like this feature? See how the ActivePipe Contact Intent feature uses Geo Updates to help you build the database of the future!

Contact Intent: Building the Database of the Future

Why do agents go through the effort of surveys, cold calls and chasing people down for face-to-face conversations?

It’s not for fun.

Back in the old pen and paper days this was the only way to grab essential information about your contacts. While these methods are still important, they need to be enhanced with something extra if you’re going to be Agent #1 in the modern market.

Our new and improved Contact Intent feature is the powerful solution that gives you up-to-date insight into what your contacts are going to do next.

Contact Intent predicts your contact’s behaviour and displays easy-to-read tags so that you know exactly what to do next.

The different Contact Intent tags are:

  • Upsizer
  • Downsizer
  • First Home Buyer
  • Investor
  • Loan Lead
  • Potential Seller

Easy to Use

The tags are super straightforward and easy to use.

For example, if a contact has an Investor tag, you know they are worth chasing for the property management side of your business, while the Potential Seller tag helps you beat other agents to new properties before they go on the market.

Eventually you’re going to wonder how you ever lived without this information. That’s why Intent tag summaries appear on the Dashboard as soon as you log in.

From there, you can view a list of contacts who belong to each category.

It’s simple: Just click on any tag.

From there, you can click on any Contact Intent tag to see which contacts belong in each group.

This gives you a foothold for the type of relevant and personal conversations that add value to your database.

How do we do it?

These tags are our secret herbs and spices, so we can’t exactly tell you the recipe.

What we can tell you is that ActivePipe has recorded over a billion contact interactions. By using machine learning to identify your contacts behaviour, we prioritise the leads that put you in touch with the right contacts at the right time. This way you have more room in your busy schedule to have quality conversations that are so important for developing your personal brand.

The information from Contact Intent updates every 12 hours, so that you know you can act in confidence when it comes to your buyers, sellers and investors.

You always have the final say and full control over how your database is labeled and used with ActivePipe. In the end of the day, you’re the expert, so our software listens to you above all else.

The Takeaway

Modern technology gives agents the ability to understand their database like never before. It’s an exciting time, where agents have access to all sorts of tools that people could never have dreamed of in the past.

Jobs that once took hours now take mere seconds.

It’s no wonder more and more modern agents are using the modern tools to turn contacts into customers for life.

“How can I make myself an influencer to my staff, my peers and my database?”

Learn how you can turn yourself into an industry voice who people listen to!

“Is this feels like a glimpse into how my grandkids will be connecting with customers …”

Find out what has forward thinking agents buzzing!

What Does your Contact Want?

Case Study:

Imagine you’re a parent, who’s growing their family. You’ve just had a new kid, which means you’re up all night with a baby and up all day with your older children. As a busy parent, you can never find somewhere for a moment alone.

This house just isn’t big enough!

You’ve started thinking about moving into a bigger home, but agents keep sending you emails about houses that are too small for you.

These guys are meant to make upsizing easier but all they do is fill your inbox with spam. Maybe you shouldn’t even bother. If only there was someone who knew what you actually want!


Often your contacts are busy. Sometimes they might even be as busy as you are. That’s why it’s so important for an agent to be sending effective communications that add value by really connecting with the needs of individuals in your database.

Otherwise you can end up wasting your time and frustrating your contacts.

ActivePipe understands that your database is important as it’s the essential asset which you use to maintain and strengthen your relationships. That’s why we’ve been working hard to modernise and improve one of our best tools for creating custom audiences.

Introducing the Improved Buyer Preferences Filter

The Buyer Preferences filter is the supercharged version of the ActivePipe filter you already know and love. This feature allows you to tap the hidden potential of your CRM, and gives you access to important insights into what is most important to your contacts.

Buyer preferences sorts your contacts into distinct categories, which you can use to send emails that speak directly to each group’s specialised needs.

These include the:

  • Number of bedrooms, bath, and car parks
  • Price range
  • Desired area

Every contact on your mailing list will believe they are receiving personalised communications from you and your interaction rates will soar!

How-to get started:

To build an Audience off buyer preferences:

  1. Log on to
  2. Click Contacts on the left-hand navigation menu.
  3. Open the Audiences tab.
  4. Click the Create New Audience button. This will open the Audience builder.
  5. To add a customer’s buyer preferences, click on the select menu and scroll down to the Preference option group.
  6. Select the buyer requirement you want to target, and how you want to target it. This will give you a list of all the contacts who fit these buyer preferences.

From there you can either choose to add more filters, or make your audience more specific. If you’re finished building your custom audience, simply click the blue Save button. You can now send an email to this audience from the Campaign Section, as you normally would.

It’s that easy!

Case Study:

Remember our parent from before? Well they remember you.

You’ve been using their buyer preferences to send them emails about houses with the exact number of beds and baths they’re after. You’ve given this contact confidence that you will find them a home and that makes them get in touch.

This is the start of a strong relationship, the first step in turning a contact into a customer for life.

Solve the Agent Publicity Dilemma

Sharing interesting and valuable content helps an agent engage with their database. Traditionally, generating this content has been time-consuming and often low priority for busy professionals.

As an agent in the field, closing deals feels like the best use of your time, but a lack of online presence leads to low digital engagement in the ever growing online marketplace. Online presence can be the difference between a contact and a customer for life, so an agent needs a way to market themselves online without losing time in the field.

This is know as the agent publicity dilemma.

At ActivePipe, we have made it our business to save you time and boost your online marketing efforts. We thought long and hard about the agent publicity dilemma and have developed the ActivePipe SmartFeeds feature to revolutionise your emails and enthrall your audience.

The SmartFeeds Solution

SmartFeeds is the latest feature of our signature drag-and-drop email builder. A powerful publicity tool for agents, SmartFeeds captures web content and allows you to share that content with your contacts. SmartFeeds is the simple solution to the agent publicity dilemma that helps you to improve web presence. 

Perhaps your office manager has published a blog on how to dress a house for inspection or you’ve read a news article on rising house prices in your local area. This information can establish you as a thought leader and is of value to your database—a perfect addition to your weekly emails.

SmartFeeds fetches the content that you have requested and serves it back to you. The campaign builder then lets you target a specific audience with a content marketing campaign. Once the campaign has been sent out, ActivePipe provides full analytics on how your contacts have engaged with an email, allowing you to start meaningful conversations.

To get started, all you have to do it is drag a grid, list or feature module from the right hand panel and dump it into your email template.

What Kind of Content can I Include?

You won’t be running out of content in a hurry. SmartFeeds can support millions of articles from across the web. ActivePipe has designed SmartFeeds to be powerful, fast, simple.

To start, select the article cell by clicking on it. Then, click on the orange article icon in the bottom-right corner of an article cell. This will launch the feed engine.

You can now select an article by entering the URL of the desired blog (e.g. and by clicking ‘Get Articles’.

The feed engine does all the heavy lifting. It loads the articles from a blog, then provides the details and photos that describe those articles. If a linked blog doesn’t support article sharing, the ActivePipe app will display an error message that lets you know.

The app memorises used blogs, so those articles will load more quickly next time you return. This reduces waiting time and means you can build emails even faster.

You’re the Boss

We’ve designed the article panel to give you complete control and full flexibility. You can change anything in the article model, even if you aren’t in control of how articles are formatted on the original website.

Headings and descriptions are completely customisable. Type whatever you want to add your own creative flair. Using placeholders is a great way to deliver personal content to your audiences.
The grid, list and feature models offer adaptive formatting which helps to easily create beautiful designs. Order the elements in the way that best fits your style.
Customisable images allow you to insert images and gifs. This will mean you can include images of your agency or properties and keep emails topical and relevant to your audience.
Call to Action
Edit the details of buttons to create eye-catching call-to-actions, which encourage contacts to engage with emails.

These features mean you’re not limited by a content producer’s method for posting an article. SmartFeeds lets you communicate in your voice, in a way that speaks to your audience.

Set and Forget

Once you have designed your email, you can define the audience that will be most suitable for the articles you have chosen. Once you’ve built your campaign, simply save and activate.

It’s as easy as that!

As always, ActivePipe gives you powerful data analytics tools that let you monitor how your content is engaged with. You get insight into the kind of people they are and what they’re interested in. This saves you time on small talk and streamlines your process.

Walking the Walk

At ActivePipe we are driven by the meaningful conversations we have with our customers and are committed to helping agents overcome the publicity dilemma. That’s why we’re so excited about SmartFeeds and its ability to help you.

Build relationships, increase digital reach and make yourself an agent your contacts listen to, follow and trust.

Get in touch with our friendly Client Success Managers with any questions and learn how the ActivePipe SmartFeeds feature can make you into a power agent!

Welcome to the new Contact Overview

At ActivePipe, our team is always working hard to provide you with the best user experience possible.

After reviewing our contact profile section, and taking on feedback from users, we’re proud to introduce a number of improvements.

More Efficient

An updated design of the Contact Overview improves efficiency and usability by giving you all the key information about a contact “at a glance”.

We’ve also introduced a number of performance improvements, meaning there’s little or no wait time for viewing contacts now.

Important information at a glance

The new contact information bar is visible throughout all areas when viewing a contact, giving you key information when you need it.

Convenient Editing

Editing a contact is just a click away with our new contact information bar.

One click, and the contact’s complete profile information slides into view, ready to edit.

Intentions are clear

Intentions are now visible on the contact overview, helping you clearly identify the conversation you should be having.

We also let you know whether the intent was identified by ActivePipe’s profiling algorithms or if the contact has shared their intent explicitly.