Mandi Karran

"One of our agents has had 4 appraisals in the past 4 months"

Before coming across to Belle Property, I was a real estate agent at Ray White. We had only just introduced it when I left so I only used it for a short amount of time. The traction was incredible and I absolutely loved it. That’s why I recommended it to the team at Belle Property.

What’s your position at Belle Property and what do your day to day activities involve?

I’m the office manager at Belle Property Group. My day to day position involves everything from managing contracts to training agents. I’m always looking for new and more efficient ways for our office to do things.

How long has your office been using ActivePipe for?

We have been using ActivePipe for approximately 4 months.

How do you incorporate ActivePipe into your everyday routine?

The team push ActivePipe in their listing presentations. There are a few other offices that utilise ActivePipe in our area but the way we push it is that we tell our seller that it’s an insight into prospective buyers. We can see who is interacting the most and what their price range is. Contacts are inputting that information through the survey so it gives us more insight into where they are at. The best thing is that ActivePipe does all the heavy lifting for us, so we receive this information with relatively little effort.

In terms of efficiency and time management, how has ActivePipe made a difference to how your agents operate day to day?

I was doing a lot of newsletters, listing reminders and OFI emails. In terms of efficiency and management, it has freed me up alot. I love the fact that if I get caught up on a Thursday, the weekly listings are going out and if it I’m held up on a Friday, the people that have shown interest in those properties are still receiving follow up reminders. Agents in our office get very busy so it’s great that they their contacts are followed up through ActivePipe.

What do agents in your office say about how ActivePipe helps in their lead generation efforts?

The agents in the office love ActivePipe. One of our agents has had 4 appraisals out of an office total of 9 in the past 4 months and he has been able to convert 3 of those appraisals into listings. While he knew they were considering coming to market, ActivePipe helped him generate those appraisals and he has been able to push those through to listings.

Any other thoughts?

Personally I think ActivePipe is a great system that really supports the office. I’m surprised a lot of agents don’t use it because the insight it gives you into what your buyers are doing is just crucial moving forward. ActivePipe frees up time so agents can make more face to face contact . I think that’s so important because it helps them build relationships that lead to sales.

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