Driss Doukari

"It helps us get to the point quicker, making fewer but better directed phone calls."

In your opinion what is the most impressive feature of ActivePipe?

Knowing what our clients are thinking and what they are potentially going to do is powerful for our office. The profile updates make us aware of our customer’s position in the market helping us tailor our communication to their individual needs.

Do you and your colleagues find the platform easy to use?

The platform is rather intuitive but of course, we are still learning. I may need to look into the analytics more. The open rates, clicks throughs and emails sent are all there it’s just about understanding how those values compare with industry averages.

Moving forward, it would be useful to have a section of the data hygiene survey where, if willing, clients can let us know their current residential address. This will help us get more geo conversions and personalise our quarterly newsletters to potential vendors.

High Value Contacts and Up and Coming contacts are strong points for the platform. They prompt us to call certain people, alerting us to who is in the market and ready to buy or sell. In my experience, their prediction is right on the money.

Have you done the data hygiene survey? What did you think of it?

Yes, we completed the data hygiene survey on April 3rd. We received eight appraisal requests and twenty-nine profile updates. It helped us “get personal” with our contacts as the subject line promised. A high number of people engaged with it and this was instrumental in determining future conversation with our clients.

Has implementing ActivePipe improved your operating capacity?
I guess so. ActivePipe takes time out of our day by informing us of buyers we wouldn’t suspect are on the market. It helps us get to the point quicker, making fewer but better directed phone calls.

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