Deb Tucker

"I got in touch, they were ready to sell, and it became a listing. It was no fluke."


Deb and Orian are ‘Team Tucker’ at the Rowville office and together they have become a prominent and successful force in and around the Rowville area. Deb has been an agent for over 11 years and has built an enviable reputation as a real estate professional who will work for the best possible outcome for her clients.

Ably assisted by Orian, the Tucker Team have an excellent grasp of the technologies that can improve their productivity and effectiveness. They’re also keen to innovate if they believe it will give them an edge over their competition and benefit their clients.

What is it about ActivePipe that you most like?

The Reporting. We receive a couple of really valuable reports each week, even this is automated, and the detail sent by ActivePipe in these reports is fantastic!

Deb – it alerts me to the people I should be focused on and it makes us a lot more productive because we’re not wasting time on clients who aren’t going to deliver an ROI.

Orian – our team has built a database of over 1500 contacts and without ActivePipe we couldn’t possibly keep in regular contact with all of them.

What are the key features of ActivePipe?

Deb – There are a couple of features that I really like. ActivePipe provides regular communication with my clients and I don’t need to worry about it. People honestly feel they know me because ActivePipe has been sending the Weekly update every week and it follows up with relevant emails when necessary. I’ve had loads of positive feedback from the people I deal with. The other thing I like is that I’m alerted when old/er contacts all of a sudden start showing some interest in property.

Orian – ActivePipe handles a lot of our client touchpoints without us having to worry about it. Using the data it provides means we can make WARM calls and not cold ones! This is a huge advantage and I think the clients appreciate it more too.

What are the highlights of your experience with ActivePipe?

Deb – I know that my prospecting has significantly improved because I watch who is active. For example – I recently noticed a client who I’d valued a property for 12 months prior was clicking on properties. I got in touch, they were ready to sell, and it became a listing. It was no fluke, I could see from their clicks on the properties they were looking at that they were ready to be “on the move”! They loved seeing their home as “Property of The Week” too…..brilliant!

Orian – There are many clients who understand the power of email marketing and there have been potential vendors impressed by how we use ActivePipe.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Deb – I love ActivePipe, it has given me listings. Seriously! I like not having to worry about it and I have confidence ActivePipe will always do a much better job of email marketing than we could.

Orian – The emails look smart and it’s not a product that many of our competitors use. In a market as cut-throat as this it’s nice to have an advantage.

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