Use These 6 Strategies to Write Emails that Deliver Results

Use These 6 Strategies to Write Emails that Deliver Results

People love to slough our society off as one that no longer reads.

They’re wrong.

It’s not that we’ve stopped reading, it’s that we’re doing it differently – we don’t scrutinize anymore, we skim.

We aren’t impressed by thousand word essays and academic jargon, we are impressed by complex things communicated in simple ways – by information that is easy to digest, simple to comprehend and exciting to consume.

Our inboxes are bombarded with content from hundreds of companies. Your email is just one of the sixty that your customer has had to read today and going through them is a nightmare they put themselves through daily.

Use these 6 simple strategies to write emails your audience will want to actually open – that they will read rather than swipe right and bin.

Intriguing subject lines:

You’re not measuring the success of a campaign by the number of emails you send, are you?

That would be foolish. You’re measuring it by the open rates reported and the number of responses your call to action has received.

You can code a person’s name in the subject line or ask them a question. It’s all about making the topic engaging and sparking your customer’s curiosity. The last thing you want to do is look like spam so avoid blunt titles at all costs.

Elevator Pitch:

The average human attention span is 8 seconds. That’s the time it takes a person to get into an elevator and close the doors and that’s all you’ve got to win their business. Get your point across as quickly as possible. 30 words is your limit.

Keep it Short:

We’ve evolved this strange way of consuming information – rather than read, we scan and often, we multi-task while we do it. Instead of contesting our lazy antics, adapt your communication. Make it easy for audiences to skim with bullet points, short sentences and memorable take home messages.

Send the email to a friend first:

Nothing looks sloppier than poor grammar. It doesn’t matter how many times a copywriter proofreads their work, errors can be stubborn. The best way to ensure quality is to send the email to a friend before a customer. You can’t undo your mistakes. Once you hit the send button there is no going back.

Write like you speak:

When I first heard this email marketing tip, I thought it was nonsense. The more I test the theory, the more I realise I was wrong. People respond to friendly communication, so they are more likely to interact with words that come from a human than words that come from a robot. Real estate is generally a dry topic, so animate your conversation – put as much enthusiasm in your digital dialogue as you would in real life.

Always have a call to action:

Know why you are sending your email. You don’t want to pester your customers for no reason because you’ll end up making them unsubscribe from your mail list.

Has there been a big sale in their street that is worth knowing about? Have you written a blog about decluttering their home they should read before they sell? Is there a survey you’d like them complete?

Always be clear about what you are trying to achieve BEFORE you send an email and make sure the copy drives your customer to complete the task.

Gone are the days of good old batch-and-blasts my friends. Happy copywriting!

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Alison Vella
Alison Vella
Ali is an experienced copywriter with a passion for creative writing. She says writing great copy is about writing like you speak and can be found rambling at her desk like an absolute lunatic. Out of the office, Ali runs her own career and lifestyle blog and freelance writes for a number of online publications.