Building Your Brand via Social Media

Building Your Brand via Social Media

There is no denying that our lives revolve around our mobile phones.

Whether on a train, in a waiting room or running around between meetings, it seems we are constantly scrolling through our news feeds. In doing so, we subconsciously consume thousands of messages each day and if it’s not your face we are seeing, it is definitely your competitors.

Jamie Nosworthy, the GM of Tiger Pistol, a leading social media management platform that uses Facebook advertising to increase brand awareness and generate leads breaks down why it would be foolish for an agent not to embrace social media.

Targeted Advertising

Remember the time you googled ‘Bali holiday packages’ and for the next month your newsfeed was dominated with resort and flight deals? That’s targeted advertising at work.

Facebook has the most robust and accurate targeting capabilities of all social media platforms and this is important when it comes to the business of buying or selling homes.

“For most people, real estate decisions tend to be influenced by life events such as marriage, building a family, or starting a new job. Facebook can detect these behavioural triggers and integrate audiences into your targeted ad campaigns, putting your listings in front of people who actually want to see them.”

Cost effective Marketing

We live in an expensive world and unfortunately it’s not getting any cheaper. Luckily, when it comes to budget efficiency, Facebook provides great bang for buck, and best of all it tracks the results for you!

“Reaching every homeowner in your local area doesn’t require hundreds of thousands of dollars; in fact, it often costs less than $10 to reach one thousand highly targeted users in a local area. If you go into Facebook advertising with a clear focus and realistic targets, you’ll be amazed at how far your money can go.”

Measuring Metrics

With any form of advertising, measuring and understanding results is critical. Facebook is focused on driving measurable and tangible business outcomes, and the performance data at the end of a campaign is aligned to what you set out to achieve.

“If you are trying to build your brand as an agent, Facebook advertising will report on the number of unique people who saw your ad and how the audience is broken down demographically. If you’re focused on driving appraisal leads, you can leverage the Facebook Lead Generation objective and have users submit their details to you directly from Facebook.”

Tracking your metrics will allow for a better understanding of the content that engages your audience and encourages them to list with you.

Reputation Management

Chances are, you’re not the only agent working your farm area. There are at least ten other agents competing for your listing and your reputation is the only thing setting you apart from your competitors.

Anyone who’s about to sacrifice thousands of dollars in commissions to a stranger is going to do their research and having positive reviews on your Facebook page will do wonders for their sense of security.

Being active on social media and posting valuable and relevant content will reinforce your local expertise and establish you as a thought leader in the industry.

Relationship Building

Enhancing your reputation through consistent content will build trust with current and prospective clients, making them more likely to list with you.

Making a regular appearance in their newsfeed will make you seem more familiar and keep you front of mind when they are in the selling phase of the real estate lifecycle.

Because you can remain a friend after the transaction is finalised, you will be in a position to nurture that relationship, converting that user into an exponential referral source.


The networking capability of social media is unbelievable.

Imagine if every time you met someone at an OFI, you could instantly become their Facebook friend. You would go from being an empty suit to someone with a personality and familiar face.

Since every one of these imaginary contacts would have an average of 500 friends, your potential reach would multiply into the millions. Every time one of these contacts engages with one of your posts, their entire network is able to see your activity, helping you reach people you may never have come across if you didn’t have a social media presence.

Lead Generation

Ultimately, what an agent wants is lead generation and that’s what they are going to get with a strong social media presence and the implementation of client nurturing technology.

By combining ActivePipe and Tiger Pistol, you can create a comprehensive digital engagement strategy that helps you capture, nurture and convert leads in no time.

Proactively build your database and win listings today!

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