ActivePipe’s 3 Most Popular Properties Might Surprise You

ActivePipe’s 3 Most Popular Properties Might Surprise You

You’re out on the field dealing with real estate everyday. You’re meeting clients, inspecting homes and listing stock, so if anyone has a feel for the trends in your area, it’s you.

But have you ever stopped to think about whether the conditions in your local market are the same as other parts of the country?

As a real estate agent, it’s worth looking at the big picture. The beauty of being an ActivePipe customer is that we can give you insights based on the big data that we have access to everyday. We can see what people are clicking on to determine the most popular properties and configurations in Australia.

Today we are going to share the three most clicked on properties in our database. It’s a bit of fun and makes for a great conversation starter.

In 2017 ActivePipe sent out a whopping 159,426,681 emails resulting in nearly ten million property clicks. That’s half the population of Australia clicking on properties our clients advertise each day.


ActivePipe HQ is located in the humble state of Victoria, so it’s the perfect place to kick off. From our research it appears that Victoria’s results are a bit of an anomaly, with the most popular property being smaller in configuration than the other states. The most clicked on property is a rural, Mornington Peninsula stunner of nearly 20 acres. It features two bedrooms, two bathrooms and views that will take your breath away. With an interior like this, it’s no surprise that it caught the attention of 912,546 potential buyers in Kay & Burton’s database. Pop online and check out 74 Shoreham Road, Red Hill for some tree change inspo.

New South Wales

Whilst Victoria’s most clicked on property was built for the dreamers, it looks like the New South Wales shoppers are a little more realistic. 23 Southern Street, Oatley is a four bedroom, two bathroom home located in Sydney’s south, 18 kms from the CBD. Just like its Victorian counterpart, our NSW winner boasts incredible panoramic views, with windows and a balcony overlooking the Georges River. This beauty was clicked on by 759,765 potential buyers through PRD Nationwide.


If you’ve checked out the two properties above you’Il notice that large blocks and ample entertainment areas are a common theme. Our QLD winner is no exception. The four bedroom, 2 bathroom home sits on a massive 2400sqm block and is located close to some of the best beaches on the Sunshine Coast. Whilst staging has been minimal, it’s easy to see why 650,133 people were so impressed by this gem. 

What can we learn from this data?

  • People want space as all the properties are on large blocks.
  • Buyers love the idea of getting close to nature as all three properties have a rural feel to them.
  • Across the board, staging was minimal. People like to imagine their own belongings in a home so it’s best to keep things neutral.
  • Two of the three homes were candidates for renovation, meaning you don’t need to have the fanciest house on the market to capture the attention of thousands.



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Clarke Stewart
Responsible for the implementation and support of ActivePipe’s promotional efforts, Clarke is constantly exposed to all facets of the business, giving him a unique understanding of what goes into creating and utilising industry leading marketing technology. When he’s not busy getting ActivePipe’s name out into the world, you’ll find him either shooting hoops or surfing somewhere along Victoria’s expansive coastline.