How to give every client the perfect property journey

How to give every client the perfect property journey

Successful real estate agents turn contacts into clients by maintaining and building many relationships simultaneously. Building trust requires hours of calls and emails to guide prospects along their property journey. What if you could make your client’s property journey easy, and your job even easier? 

The perfect property journey

With ActivePipe you’re able to automatically send intelligently targeted campaigns. Following an interaction with a particular property, ActivePipe guides a contact on a journey tailored to their interests. This client-led approach means once a contact clicks on a property they like, they receive an open house invite, a notification of any price changes, and ultimately a ‘sold property’ announcement. This interaction will also help to refine the matching functionality for future property emails that you send, so you get better and better at delivering the perfect property.

See what the perfect property journey looks like.

Reluctant to use the old spray and pray email techniques? We agree! Sending based on the client’s interests increases engagement, keeps you front of mind, and positions you as the expert. By doing this at scale across your entire database, you can quickly cultivate a community of engaged prospects that look to you for property advice.

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