Content Without Strategy is Noise

Content Without Strategy is Noise

Content as a marketing tool has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years, and while many may have initially fobbed it off as just another marketing buzzword, it’s safe to say that when used correctly, it can deliver exceptional results. 

Real estate agencies and agents alike are more active than ever before on social media and email, websites are looking sharper, and the information on all of these channels has transformed from a basic few pages or posts to a glossary of information to guide and inform any renter, buyer or seller along their journey while positioning the agent as the person to go to when they’re ready to engage. 

When designed well, content helps to move prospects from being someone unfamiliar with your brand, all the way through to a seller looking to engage or a buyer or investor wanting to work exclusively with you. 

Done poorly, it’s just noise. 

Real Estate Content Strategy Done Right

Strategy is essential simply because it ensures that you get the most out of your efforts. What you share, when you share it, who you’re trying to talk to, and what tools you use are all critical details which, when given attention, can transform your results. 

What You Share

Strategising on the “what” ensures that you take a client-first approach to your content creation; sitting back and really questioning whether or not this is something that will add value to the customers you want to work with. You need to consider how these communications will move them through the process of buying or selling a property. 

When You Share

Sending emails, posting to social and publishing blog posts at any old time is an easy way to miss engagement opportunities. With social media, website analytics and email analytics, you should know the best times to share content with your audience. 

Be guided by what you learn and optimise to achieve greater results. 

Who You Talk To

Without a strategy, it’s easy to default into a one size fits all approach. In the world of real estate, there are too many stages in the property journey for all of your prospects to resonate with communications that speak to all levels.  

Identifying and using property personas you can craft content that speaks to prospects at each stage of their journey – those considering selling and beginning to research what’s involved, all the way through to those who are ready to dive in.

What Technology You Use

Market segmentation, which is done through ActivePipe, then allows you to identify which prospects fit which buyer persona. ActivePipe also enables you to automate and send tailored communication which feels explicitly crafted for them, thus increasing their loyalty and more accurately moving them through the sales funnel. 

With multiple posts written weekly, there is something for everyone.
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Clarke Stewart
Responsible for the implementation and support of ActivePipe’s promotional efforts, Clarke is constantly exposed to all facets of the business, giving him a unique understanding of what goes into creating and utilising industry leading marketing technology. When he’s not busy getting ActivePipe’s name out into the world, you’ll find him either shooting hoops or surfing somewhere along Victoria’s expansive coastline.