The 5 Real Reasons Your Contacts Are Unsubscribing

The 5 Real Reasons Your Contacts Are Unsubscribing

I have one thing to say when it comes to dealing with unsubscribers; you’re better off without them.

As a real estate agent you invest time, money and effort into your email marketing. Having that effort torn, thrown on the ground and stomped on is understandably crushing.

It is also the unfortunate reality of email marketing.    

Let’s take a look at why a person has unsubscribed from your mail list.

You are sending too many emails:

You should never bombard your contacts with emails without their permission. No one appreciates an inbox flooded by spam so make sure you aren’t overdoing it. To strike the right balance, ask your contacts how many emails they are happy to receive and continually evaluate their opinion.  

They’ve lost interest in the market:

Don’t take an unsub personally. People aren’t always looking to buy or sell so they aren’t always interested in seeing your listings. The fact they want to unsubscribe from your mail list is a reasonable indication that they have no current interest in the real estate market.

You aren’t delivering value:

A customer focus is necessary to succeeding in your email marketing pursuits. This is particularly important to real estate agents because their contact’s property interests are so diverse. Email marketing should be about nurturing contacts so try to find content that interests them between transactions. What would you like to know if you were in their position? We’ve found localised sold property reports generate a lot of engagement because everybody wants to stay in touch with the value of properties in their neighbourhood to self appraise their own. 

You’ve done the old batch and blast:

The generic, boring and dry email newsletter isn’t going to cut it in the innovative email marketing landscape you operate in. It’s important to tailor the information to your contact and their individual real estate ambitions. To do that you need to learn what their interests are.

You’re too focussed on your own return:

To keep your contacts subscribed focus on their benefit not yours. It might be worth promoting local events to show your engagement in the community and appeal to their interests.


  • Unsubs are inevitable, you have nothing to worry about.
  • If a contact is not interested in your offering don’t waste your time on them, focus on people who are interacting with you instead.
  • All your un-subscribers still exist in your CRM so you can contact them if need be.
  • Unsubscribing from your emails is a great opportunity to pick up the phone and say, “I’m sorry you weren’t seeing value in our email marketing – is there a particular area of market news/information you would like to hear about?”.

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Clarke Stewart
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