Having purchased approximately 5 years ago, a friend of mine recently sold his property in inner-Melbourne. I caught up with him a month or so after the sale and discussed his decision-making process regarding the selection of a selling agent……..

He had received an annual call from the agent who originally sold him the property – in his words, ‘almost to the day’ each year (sounds like a CRM prompt!)

What did he get from those calls? I’ll let you decide….

He actually chose an agent who had fortuitously door-knocked him a month or two earlier. When I quizzed him regarding his ‘original’ agent, he genuinely responded that he hadn’t given him a thought.

Ironically, it turned out that it was obviously his CRM anniversary – he received his annual call from the original agent 4 days after he had sold at auction! What was REALLY scary was the original agent had no idea that my friend had just sold his property (nor did my friend enlighten him!).

To me, there are MANY messages to take from this but I will focus on just one:

What does a contact get from your annual (or biannual) CRM triggered call? My view is not a lot!

Most people are inherently cynics (my belief) – they see through the anniversary call ….. they know you don’t really care about the wife & kids, they KNOW you are only touching base on the hope of a repeat transaction and commission.

Why is that? Because you are giving them NOTHING. You are not relevant to their day-to-day lives…..you are not providing them with anything (relevant information)…nor are you maintaining a proper engagement or relationship.

Entering somebody in your CRM database does not mean you have a relationship.
If you want your Anniversary calls to be happy, just like a marriage……you have to work on the relationship, stay engaged and meaningful … and add value to the relationship.

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